How to choose the right bronzer?

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You don’t have to use the services of a tanning bed and travel to warm countries several times a year to maintain a subtle tan on your face. Sometimes all you need is a skillfully selected bronzer. What to follow when buying it, so that you do not regret the money spent? Read!

Bronzer – what is a cosmetic?

Before you buy a bronzer, you need to determine what you want to achieve with its help. Be warned that bronzer does not add glow to the skin. Highlighter is used for that purpose. Nor is bronzer used to mask skin imperfections. You will mask any blemishes, spider veins or pimples with a concealer. So what is the purpose of bronzer?

A properly selected and applied bronzer gives the effect of a soft tan, and also helps correct the shape of cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead. The right bronzer is barely noticeable and should not stand out on the skin. You can buy the cosmetic in the form of a pressed powder, stick or cream. Bronzer is most often matte, but can also contain illuminating particles. What to choose from and what to consider when buying a bronzer?

Bronzer and skin type

Of great importance when choosing a bronzer is your skin type. For oily skin, it is best to choose matte shades, without a brightening effect. Dry skin requires constant hydration and nourishment, so in this case both the consistency of the cosmetic (avoid powder bronzer) and its composition matter. It would be good if it contained nourishing and moisturizing substances. Mixed skin is the most problematic. You may need as many as two types of bronzer: one in powder (for the T-zone) and another in cream (for the cheeks).

Bronzer and complexion

An equally important criterion for choosing a bronzer is the shade of your complexion. The lighter the skin color, the lighter the bronzer should be chosen. Otherwise, the bronzer will be too visible on the face and will emphasize it in a caricatured way.

The main rule of bronzer selection is that the cosmetic must be one, at most two shades darker than the complexion. Before you buy a bronzer, be sure to test it on your own skin. There is no point in testing it on the wrist, since hands are usually darker. It’s better to apply the cosmetic to your face and look at it in daylight. What you see in the store, in the light of electric lamps, will not look so wonderful on the street.

If you have a cool, pale skin color, go for a cooler bronzer with a touch of gray. If nothing suits you, maybe it’s better to give up the cosmetic and settle for a highlighter? With warm skin tones, go for soft peaches and chocolates. On the other hand, beware of brick colors.

Bronzer – purpose

Before buying a bronzer, you need to answer the question of why you need the cosmetic, and how to choose it according to your complexion and skin type so that it meets your requirements. If you need bronzer on a daily basis to look tanned and rested, it is best to choose a neutral matte powder cosmetic. Bronzer in this form gives a fresh effect of sun-drenched skin and is easy to use.

Or maybe you are looking for a bronzer for evening outings to restaurants or clubs? In that case, consider buying a bronzer with gold particles. It’s worth being careful with any skin blemishes. Bronzer can only accentuate them if you don’t apply concealer or fluid first.

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