How to choose the perfect tie clip?

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How do you know when a man is elegant? One of its elements may be of course an impressive hairpin. Which one to choose? What should you consider? Should I go for something classic or something a little more out of the ordinary?

What role does a tie pin play?

The easiest way to illustrate the role of the tie pin is to analogize it to jewelry that women like to wear. The tie clip is not indispensable, but it does show a great deal of attention to detail in one’s appearance. We can place the tie pin next to the shirt pin and the pillowcase as a very interesting addition to a suit

Where do tie clips come from?

Tie clips are not new to formal and elegant attire. In the past, they were mainly worn by soldiers and gentlemen of the upper classes

The practical function of a tie clip

A tie clip is not just an interesting accessory for an outfit. What does it do? It keeps the tie in place during the meal, for example, and looks neat and tidy. However, it is very useful not only when we eat, but also during strong winds. We can easily master this important element of our closet

The way to wear a tie pin. How to wear it

How to wear a tie pin? As a rule of thumb, you place it between the third and fourth button from the top. Why exactly here? Because it’s the only practical place for attaching your tie clip. Placing it ¾ of the way up the tie allows it to be properly displayed when the jacket is fastened. In situations where the majority of the meeting takes place standing up, this can be very important – otherwise, most of the time, this striking accessory will be invisible

When is a tie clip worn?

A tie pin will not always be an entirely appropriate choice. But don’t listen to those who claim that this accessory is overdone and a sign of bad taste. It’s not clear why, but there’s no reason to overreact. As a rule, cufflinks should not be worn

  • with a vest,
  • with a double-breasted jacket.

In both cases, the tie is already sufficiently well supported and not too visible (after all, a double-breasted jacket is not undone even when sitting down)

What kind of tie clip should I choose?

There are, of course, different types of tie pins on the market. Some of them are simple pieces made of various alloys and metals. Alternatively, there are designer models.

What are tie clips made of?

A popular choice when it comes to tie clips are very often:

  • alloy clips – strong, versatile and durable types of clips, where the properties largely depend on the metals used;
  • clips made of brass – items with a very attractive color, with good maintenance can last for a long time;
  • cufflinks made of stainless steel – universal and long-lasting, they are not subject to scratches and other mechanical damages; they are perfect for any finishing and personalization by engraving;
  • silver cufflinks – made of precious metal, can be a valuable gift; they are aesthetic, but unfortunately not very durable
  • titanium pins – more durable than steel, but very light;
  • tungsten cufflinks – material, which is the latest fashion trend.

Those who like more designer patterns can opt for less classic tie clips. These will go particularly well with less formal occasions

What instead of tie clips?

There are also alternatives to tie clips on the market that serve basically the same purpose. One basic substitute is a convenient tie clip with a spring-loaded mechanism that holds the tie in place. Recommended for those men who choose to wear thicker ties. Other suggestions include:

  • tie chain,
  • tie pin,
  • tie brooch,
  • tie belt.

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