How do you know a quality coffee?

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Do you like coffee, but don’t know how to tell if it’s good quality? Read our article and see how to recognise high quality coffee.

There are many different types of coffee so it makes sense to know how to tell if you’re dealing with a good quality beverage. You can find a great selection of high quality coffees from all over the world at Each coffee offered by the store has a detailed description, the intensity and acidity of the taste and the aroma profile.

Freshly roasted

The freshness of the roast is also worth noting. A freshly roasted coffee is one that is up to about two weeks from the roasting date. When we order MK Cafe Fresh coffee, we can be sure that our coffee is freshly roasted, because the roaster’s work begins only at the moment of our order. Therefore, when buying coffee, pay attention not to the expiration date, but the roasting date.

Original flavours

Limited edition bean coffees are great for anyone who wants to try new flavors. You can try Brazilian coffees that will be either honey, citrus, or chocolate and hazelnut. For lovers of deep flavors with notes of chocolate or spices, coffees from India are recommended. High-quality coffees should be characterized by an intensity of flavor and aroma, and these – thanks to the store’s own coffee manufactory – certainly have them. The flavor of the coffee should develop in the mouth, leaving an interesting aftertaste. What is not a good sign is a flavor that passes quickly or one that leaves a tart aftertaste on the tongue. The coffee flavor should have a balance between bitterness, acidity and sweetness.

Acidity is commonly thought of as something undesirable in coffee. Without acidity, however, coffee would taste bland. The best coffees from Africa have a noticeable citrus acidity and this is their defining characteristic. Too much acidity, however, can be the result of production errors and is then an undesirable effect. As for the bitterness of the coffee, this is also something natural. This is due to the caffeine it contains. Heavier roasted coffee has a more noticeable bitterness but roasting it too long can also end up with an overly pronounced bitterness.

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Region matters

Quality and flavor are also dependent on the geographical area where the coffee originates. Homogenous co ffees are those that are restricted to a single country or growing region. What matters in growing different coffees is how and where the plants used to produce them matured.

Appearance of the bean

Good quality beans are characterized by their regular shape and even roasting. You should also pay attention to the degree of roasting. Almost black beans are not a good sign, as this can be a way to hide defects in the coffee. In addition to the appearance of the beans, the smell is also important. When we open the package, we should immediately smell a strong aroma.

Ground or bean coffee?

It would seem that the answer is simple – coffee beans are better and can be ground just before brewing. Ground coffee loses its qualities much faster. However, to taste the coffee, it must be properly ground. If you do not have the right grinder, here comes the problem. So if you don’t have the right grinder (preferably an incandescent one), it is better to buy ground coffee. However, if you want to buy coffee beans, be sure to also have a grinder that will allow you to ensure an even grind and the ability to grind finely.

Also, keep in mind that if you don’t drink a lot of coffee, it’s not worth buying larger packs. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best of the coffee.

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