Sauna and its properties. How to use it properly?

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The use of saunas, common in some countries, in our country is perceived rather as a luxury option. What are the properties of being in such a place? How often can I go to the sauna and how should I actually use it? We suggest.

What is a visit to the sauna?

Sauna is primarily an opportunity to cleanse the body, which is done by intense sweating all over the body under the influence of high temperature. It is also used to toughen up

Where does the sauna come from?

This type of physiotherapy treatment, which today we often combine with massage, originated in Finland. From there, the sauna has spread around the world – it is often believed that it not only cleanses the body, but also helps the functioning of the mind. Why is this so? Overheating of the body occurs in this case at a certain humidity, which gives particularly good results.

To whom is the sauna recommended?

There are many reasons why specific people should attend a sauna. As a rule, everyone needs to toughen up. Sauna is good for the health of people who have problems with:

  • peripheral circulation disorders,
  • kidney disease,
  • disorders of the upper respiratory tract,
  • frequent colds,
  • asthma,
  • joint disease,
  • obesity,
  • gastric neurosis,
  • other diseases
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Who should not use the sauna?

The main contraindications to use the sauna are, among others, diseases related to circulatory insufficiency, degenerative changes in the heart muscle, condition up to six months after a heart attack, stenocardia, hypertension, epilepsy, claustrophobia, mental illness, cancer or venereal diseases

How often can I use the sauna?

If you are in good health, sauna use does not have to be limited in terms of the number and length of visits. At first, however, one visit per week is recommended, with sauna stays gradually increasing. More frequent visits are recommended if you play sports or your activity involves a lot of physical strain. People in good condition can go to the sauna even for a week in a row, but not longer. Visits should then be short

How to prepare?

The optimum time for a sauna visit is in the evening after work. However, it is a bad idea to take a sauna after a heavy physical or mental strain. You should also neither eat a lot before the sauna, nor enter it on an empty stomach. Drinking fruit juices – to increase sweating – may be valuable

What should a sauna visit look like?

Always take a bath before entering. The sauna is a place where you should not talk. It is also forbidden to bring or receive telephones or use mp3 players. You enter the sauna in a sitting or lying position so as not to disturb others and to relax yourself. The most common cycle is 24 minutes long, where the heating and cooling phases are equal. It can be repeated. After the bath, do not take physical effort, but wash your body well with soap and gradually cool it down. Sauna bathing should end with a long rest and solid hydration. It is best to choose still mineral water

What else to remember?

In the classic sauna you stay naked. In its counterparts available in our country should follow the rules, which were indicated by the owner. Most people in the dry sauna, being girded with a towel. In the wet sauna visibility is limited, so you usually stay there without a towel, which very quickly could soak up moisture and become heavy. If you enter such places in swimsuits, you risk getting burned. It is also always necessary to maintain personal culture, so that not only us, but also other users of the sauna could have a good rest.

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