7 ways to care for your face in the summer

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Although sun protection is the basic rule of summer skin care, high temperatures, dry air, and improper skin care are responsible for most skin problems during this period. See how to take care of your face in the summer!

Cleanse your skin

The ideal summer option are foams, mousses and gels with sebum-regulating properties (rich in tanning agents, plant extracts, salicylic acid, sulphur and zinc). During the day, you can use tonic or thermal water.


Use a scrub or a light facial scrub every 7-14 days to cleanse your skin deeply and prevent thickening of the top (horny) layer of your epidermis.

Fight inflammation

If you experience redness on your face in hot weather (summer dust and increased sebaceous gland activity are very conducive to inflammation), choose skin care products that not only regulate sebum production but also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (salicylic acid or tea tree oil will help)

Two or three times a week apply a cleansing mask on your face. Its composition should include clay (to lighten blackheads) and zinc oxide, which penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, cleansing and narrowing the pores, as well as normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands.

By no means use spot treatments on large sections of skin: they have alcohol in them, which will make the sebaceous glands secrete even more sebum. Your skin will become dry and your blemishes will get worse.

Don’t weigh your skin down

Swap foundation for mousse or powder, use serums, and opt for light-textured, water-based or gel cosmetics. On hot days, even dry skin will feel uncomfortable with a greasy cream. If you don’t have skin problems, a BB cream that combines skincare and masking properties and also provides sun protection for your skin is ideal for summer.

Swap powder for wipes

To keep your skin shine-free, opt for cosmetics with a light texture and at the same time regulating the secretion of sebum (lotions, toners, gels and others). Instead of reaching for the powder room several times a day, keep special wipes in your makeup bag to absorb excess sebum.

Make sure you moisturize properly

Don’t go without it in the summer. Even if you use thermal water several times a day, it will not provide your face with the right level of hydration, because it does not contain ingredients that retain moisture (chitosan, aloe vera extract, polysaccharides, glycerine, urea and many others). That’s why you can’t do without a light cream.

If your skin has become capricious in the summer, choose cosmetics for sensitive skin, without parabens and fragrances – the main ingredients causing skin irritation.

Prevent blemishes

Pay attention to the ingredients in your summer cosmetics. If your skin is prone to hyperpigmentation, they should not contain photosensitizing ingredients, that is, ingredients that increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun: fruit acids, spirits, citrus oils.

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