How to choose the perfect perfume scent for yourself?

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The ideal way, unfortunately, does not exist. Some women prefer to choose the smell of their perfume through a scent chart, knowing perfectly well what type will be suitable for them, others do not even follow the general range (i.e. sweet, bitter, spicy), but prefer to choose based on the qualities of a particular fragrance.

A breakdown of the most popular fragrances

Some of the most common ingredients include rose, jasmine, vanilla, cherry, apple, and sandalwood. Theoretically, there is no formal division, but we can group fragrances into basic categories: floral, fruity, oriental, woody, herbal, aldehydic (here the most popular Chanel No. 5). However, every woman has different preferences when it comes to fragrance, some of us prefer something more sweet, others more spicy or floral. Men’s fragrances are usually associated with a composition of leather, spicy or woody notes.

Picking with your nose

We are aware of the fact that a list of the most common fragrances in perfumes will not necessarily solve the problem. We recommend the tried and tested method that is also the simplest, but unfortunately, it can be long-lasting, because it happens that only a certain selection of individual ingredients starts to appeal to us. It is worth going to the store and, thanks to testers, try out three fragrances to see what we like. This is also a way to immediately test the durability of selected perfumes on your own skin. We discourage sitting in the mall “until the end” to test all possible choices at once, because the sense of smell is too sensitive for such long sessions. This method should be chosen occasionally, e.g. while shopping, passing by a drugstore.

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Persistence of fragrance

The Internet circulates the opinion that people with poor smell stop smelling perfumes faster than others, which explains the durability of a given perfume. This is a somewhat exaggerated opinion, as these possible differences will be too subtle to really take into account. It is true that the longevity of a perfume will depend to some extent on individual preferences, e.g. part of the fragrance depends on the type of skin, the place of application, the time at which we apply it, the season, etc. We recommend looking at the characteristics of the product before buying it, including the percentage of alcohol and oils, because the higher their concentration, the longer the fragrance will last. Counterfeit perfumes usually have a very low durability, which means that after an hour you can no longer smell them. Perfumed waters and toilet waters also usually will not last long on our skin. A certain way is to use online reviews of women who have tested these and other perfumes on themselves, or look at the mentioned parameters of the product, because the durability of some can reach up to 12 hours. Some women fight with the fading of fragrance by frequent reapplication (they keep a perfume in their purse and when they stop smelling it, they apply it again), others prefer to bet on long-lasting durability. It is worth remembering that perfumes that have been standing open for a few months will be characterized by reduced durability (or its complete disappearance).

The only one… or two or four

Some of us like to have several different perfumes at hand and use them depending on the creation or mood, others prefer to bet on “the one”. However, it is worth choosing the perfect fragrance for you to reduce the number of bottles lying around the house. Change is not a bad thing, but it is good to be associated with a particular set of fragrances. In addition, by doing so, we protect ourselves from applying different perfumes to clothes on which fragrances from a completely different range have remained (the durability of perfumes on materials can be different), and their mixture will cause a completely opposite effect to the one we would like to achieve.

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