Need a moment just for yourself? These spa treatments can work wonders!

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Spa treatments are a popular form of relaxation, during which you can completely “switch off” and gain strength. If you are looking for relaxation, take advantage of special places that offer wraps, massages and other exclusive spa treatments. Do you want to know what to try? Read the summary below

The power of spa treatments

Environmental pollution, bad habits, constant stress, colds – these factors often have a huge impact on your well-being and cause problems such as chronic fatigue, acne and excess weight. That’s why it’s important to make time each season to relax and restore your body. If you find it difficult to break away from everyday life and relax, it is a good idea to take advantage of special spa treatments. They will have a beneficial effect on your skin, get rid of cellulite and achieve inner harmony

Coffee regeneration

You can do coffee treatments yourself at home, but you can also use the offer of a professional spa salon. Coffee beans are often used for peeling, which tones and nourishes the skin of the body and face. Coffee wraps remove toxins from the skin and make it supple and silky.


This is a special treatment that uses seafood: healing algae from the depths of the tropical seas, sea salt, ocean salt water and even mud. After thalassotherapy you can forget about stretch marks, get rid of excess weight and completely cleanse your body and internal organs, make your skin smooth and elastic. Thalassotherapy also helps to restore mental health – it neutralizes the effects of stress, insomnia, fatigue and apathy


Peeling is the removal of dead skin cells from the body and face. For this treatment you can use

  • algae,
  • mineral sea salts or iodized salt,
  • essential oils,
  • coffee,
  • citrus extracts.

After exfoliation, the skin becomes smooth, velvety and firm. Peeling is usually recommended before a massage. In the process of peeling, the pores of the skin open, cleanse and perfectly absorb cosmetics (nourishing, moisturizing).

Photo: Anna Tarazevich/Pexels

Ozone therapy

The treatment is performed with the use of ozone. It is administered by microinjections into problem areas of the body and face, which helps to restore proper hormone levels and improves metabolism. Ozone therapy is very effective when the body is poisoned. It is able to restore and improve blood circulation, as well as reduce the fatty subcutaneous layer. The distinctive feature of this spa salon treatment is its long-lasting effect.

Stone therapy

SPA treatment performed with hot stones has been known for several centuries. It is worth noting, however, that the modern method of using heated stones differs significantly from previous ways. Stone therapy consists in placing heated stones on the body according to specific schemes, and then using these stones a special massage is performed. Stone therapy is extremely good for the health – opinions of spa salon clients indicate that it brings many benefits.

Photo Engin Akyurt/Unsplash

Chocolate spa treatments

Chocolate spa treatments effectively help in the fight for a slim figure and also give a lot of pleasure. Such wraps have a soothing effect on the nervous system and improve mood. The effective effect of chocolate wraps is due to cocoa butter, which is included in the heated chocolate used for this treatment. Chocolate spa treatments are on the list of services provided by the best wellness salons. The relaxing effect of this treatment allows for deep relaxation and also soothes all the senses.

The homeland of chocolate is Central and South America, but chocolate spa treatments are popular all over the world. They have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. Thanks to the content of polyphenols and antioxidants chocolate rejuvenates and protects the skin, while caffeine has a lifting effect, tightens the skin, makes it more elastic and smooths it. Iron, sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium, which are contained in chocolate, help the skin look healthy and radiant.

Lymphatic drainage

Fighting unwanted pounds for many people is an extremely difficult process. That is why special spa treatments, such as lymphatic drainage, have been created that are able to improve the way you look and feel. To combat swollen skin, varicose veins, and other vascular conditions, lymphatic drainage therapy can be used, for which special bandages and lymphatic drainage camera pressure therapy are used. The wrapping process stimulates blood flow and intensifies the breakdown of subcutaneous tissue, as a result of which you can lose weight significantly. This treatment is especially recommended for people who feel sluggish, swollen and want to get rid of a few inches from their girths

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