Classics, or maybe a touch of extravagance, that is, the most fashionable skirts this fall

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Until it gets completely chilly, take a look at this season’s most fashionable skirts, which you can wear right now. We’ll tell you more: some models will be familiar to you from the summer season, such as floral, airy skirts, which have proven to be a versatile option when it comes to style and seasonality. Check out the most fashionable skirts this fall!


Not too long and not too short, covering both skinny and too full calves, exposing what is most subtle in the leg – the ankles. Such is the midaxi skirt, which, unlike the maxi, avoids tripping and exposes the shoes. Midaxi skirt means comfort. In such a skirt you can freely go for a walk or even hop on a bike. And for models with asymmetrical bottoms, which are very much in vogue today, this length is just perfect, because it does not reveal too much, and at the same time spreads an aura of mystery around you. 


Leather skirts are leading the way for another season. Among the most popular are simple models: pencil and trapezoidal. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that you can combine them with any top and get a feminine or extravagant look. Elegant leather skirts are perfectly combined with both stilettos and massive shoes. Pleated and flared models are the base for subtle, sensual, but also bold clothing combinations. When you are getting ready for the office, combine the skirt with a shirt or a subtle blouse, and for a walk or a movie, complete the set with a sweater or a sweater.


With what to combine the never going out of fashion pleated skirts? It is considered stylish and simple to combine a pleated skirt with a sweater front tucked inside. It’s a comfortable, interesting and feminine combination, perfect for warm autumn weather, when you don’t have to wear outerwear yet. Try combining a pleated skirt with sneakers or half-shoes with a narrow tip. For rainy weather, an excellent option will be the combination of a pleated skirt with a straight cut overcoat and long boots. In this case, it is better to choose a short skirt – boots with a long top will optically lengthen and slim your legs, and the overcoat will add seriousness and chic to the styling. 

In flowers

You will look unusual and extravagant in autumn in airy skirts decorated with floral motifs. If you find it hard to say goodbye to summer, this proposal is definitely for you! Floral skirts go perfectly with suede boots and soft sweaters. Or maybe you prefer a juxtaposition with a simple single-breasted satin jacket? Wear a floral skirt to a cafe or for a walk with friends to bring back the spring, carefree mood at least for one evening!


For women who like to combine style and comfort, we recommend warm and feminine knitted skirts. This model will create the perfect set with a knitted blouse or sweater, but no one forbids you to wear a T-shirt, shirt jacket or hoodie with it. Fashionable knit skirts for autumn and winter do not have as many cuts as, for example, leather skirts. Mostly they have a simple, tight cut, but many shades. Indulge in a bit of extravagance with a knitted skirt in fuchsia, red or luscious green! 

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