The most expensive bikes in the world

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Along with modern, expensive cars or motorcycles, the prices of bicycles can also be sky high. Of course, this has to do with the kind of materials they are made of. So let’s take a look at the world’s most expensive bikes

Not quite an ordinary bike

The prices of the most expensive bikes start at $30,000. Phanuel Krenckers’s Bicyclettes de Luxe at $34,425 or Litespeed Blade at $40,788 are made from special combinations – carbon fiber and chrome, as in the case of the former, or carbon fiber and titanium alloys in the latter

From a distance, these bikes look pretty ordinary. Maybe only the shapes of their frames and handlebars suggest that we are dealing with something special. But apart from that, only bike enthusiasts would pay attention to them on the street. An interesting fact is that many models of bikes with really high prices are characterized by the fact that riding them is, in short, not very comfortable. They look best in the garage next to expensive cars or racers.

On the other hand, there are such models as Trek Madone for the whole 75 thousand dollars, which gets the highest speed, has a lightweight frame and features excellent aerodynamics, which makes the riding experience unique. For the same price, we also get the Auramania Crystal Edition Gold Bike. As the name suggests, this bike has golden elements – its entire frame is made of 24-carat gold. But that’s not all. The additional decorations are precious stones. Suffice it to say that there are only 10 such bikes in the world

For $200,000 you can buy Trek Yashimoto Nara, a model that was created through a collaboration between Trek and artist of Japanese origin Yashimoto Nara. The carbon fiber of which the bike is made allows for high speed. It’s also extremely lightweight

Absurdly high prices

The most expensive bicycles in the world are also such models, which are made in a way that exceeds all limits of imagination, and often also taste or absurdity. 500 thousand dollars for a bike? Why not? Take the Trek Butterfly Madone, which was designed based on butterfly wings. What’s more, the bike was additionally decorated with a hundred butterfly wings, which can be found on the frame and wheel rims

One hundred poor butterflies were annihilated to be able to sell the bike at a Sotheby’s auction for half a million dollars. It is worth mentioning that it was for a good cause – to support a certain cycling foundation

500 thousand dollars is also the price of Gold Extreme Mountain Bike. It seems that hardly anyone has not ridden a mountain bike in his or her life. But certainly not one whose water bottle is made of gold! That is not all. The whole frame and wheel rims are also gold

The bike has the company logo, which is engraved with 500 gold sapphires and 600 black diamonds. The cherry on the cake is undoubtedly the alligator leather used for the saddle and the handlebar grips

Another interesting fact is that originally only 13 models were made. Back then, each of them cost a million dollars. Today, the price has dropped by half.

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