Luxury handbags worth having in your closet

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A handbag is an important accessory in every woman’s life. Nowadays you can find their various models and types in stores. What luxury handbags should find a place in your closet? Here are some of the most popular brands

Many women wonder about choosing the right handbag. It turns out that it is not such an easy task. First of all, it should be stylish and original, and when choosing it, you should pay attention if it will complement your everyday stylizations well. In this case, the size of the bag also matters. If you don’t carry a lot of unnecessary things, and the only thing you need is a wallet and a phone, you should decide on a small, delicate and subtle model. Usually, these are shoulder bags. However, if you belong to the type of women who like to carry various items, such as cosmetics, hairbrushes or small snacks, you should choose a larger bag, which will accommodate feminine gadgets. Luxury handbags are expensive, but they stand out from other products with their great workmanship and, above all, unique style

Guess handbags

American company Guess has been extremely popular for years. Handbags of this manufacturer are really well made. In their offer you can find small models, which are perfect for parties, but also big bags, which can hold a lot of women’s gadgets. If you decide to buy a bag from Guess, you have to prepare yourself for the expenditure of several hundred zlotys. The new Paloma Handbag and Paloma Shopper models perfectly combine elegant chic with light, holiday accents. The Mika Maxi Wallet models also look stylish.

Louis Vuitton Handbags

Louis Vuitton is another brand that has captured the hearts of women. It was founded in the 19th century and has been a symbol of elegance and class ever since. Handbags of this designer are top class, they can cost even few thousand zlotys. What distinguishes products of this brand is first of all their unique pattern, which is repeated on every model. The brown background and bright Louis Vuitton logo are recognizable symbols of the brand, which are really eye-catching. If you want to buy an expensive handbag, Louis Vuitton will be an excellent choice

Handbags from Michael Kors and Chanel

You have probably already come across products from Michael Kors. In fact, this manufacturer introduced handbags only in 2001. Since then, they have become so popular that new models appear in stores every year. If you haven’t found the perfect handbag for you yet, you should browse the offer from the Chanel brand, whose products are extremely subtle and delicate

How to spot the fakes?

It turns out that counterfeit products are very often sold online. Every woman who buys such expensive and luxurious handbags assumes in advance that it is a product of the highest possible quality. Unfortunately, frauds have become really popular recently. When buying a handbag, first of all pay attention to the tag inside it. Most fakes look practically the same as original products, however they don’t have the tag inside, which is characteristic only for original accessories. Lack of such label and low quality of the material from which the bag is made should be an alarm signal.

Luxury handbags are perfect for work or trips. The only thing you have to do is to choose an appropriate model of a bag, which will allow you to hold all necessary items. Also pay attention to the price, because extremely cheap products may have manufacturing defects.

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