Luxury spa treatments for the hands

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Hands are one of those areas of the body that most quickly betray our age. How to keep your hands velvety skin and proudly display them, rather than hiding them in pockets? By treating them to modern skin care treatments. Here are some of them!

Luxury spa treatments for the hands combine pleasure with utility. Aromatic oils and fragrant decoctions of herbs are used to carry them out. Spa treatments are based on natural remedies, from which each woman can choose what suits her best. If there is a lot of damage to the epidermis, the hands are treated with various treatments.

Hand baths

Among the most common, and most economical, treatments are hand baths based on minerals, sea salt and plant and essential oils. Such a treatment will make the salon experience more pleasant and prepare the skin for further, more radical activities.

Hand skin peeling

This is a mandatory point in hand skin care, involving the removal of dead cells from the skin. In doing so, the outer layer of the epidermis is exfoliated.

Hand masks

Masks solve specific skin problems: they heal, regenerate and reduce pigmentation spots. Depending on the purpose of the treatment, masks contain different ingredients: whitening, antibacterial or regenerating. An effective mask cannot perform all these functions. Before applying a mask, the skin of the hands should be thoroughly cleaned. This opens the channels through which the necessary substances more quickly enter the cells. An experienced cosmetologist will advise you which mask will be most suitable in your case.

Hand massage

A pleasant and useful treatment that relaxes the muscles and increases the elasticity of the skin of the hands. Mechanical action on the muscles and skin of the hands also increases the absorption of natural oils or special creams used during the massage.

Treatment of the skin with paraffin

Paraffin is especially recommended during the winter season. Paraffin treatments warm up the deeper layers of the skin, improving blood flow. As a result, the skin is better nourished and cleansed. Cold, but also hot air dries out the skin, which becomes chapped and loses moisture. Just one paraffin treatment revitalizes and brightens the skin, which becomes firm and rejuvenated.

Healing manicure

A spa manicure is not just about treating cuticles and nails. The purpose of this treatment is to give the skin around the nails a healthy appearance and strengthen the nail plates themselves. The thin layers of skin at the base of the nail are prone to dryness and loss of moisture. This is remedied by a spa manicure, which uses a lotion or herbal decoction, a restorative massage cream, a nourishing mask and a moisturizing lotion at the end of the treatment. 

Hand care consists of four stages. First, the hands are subjected to a softening bath. After applying a lotion, the cosmetologist pushes back and removes the cuticles. Then the hands are massaged with a nourishing cream, and finally a polish is applied to the nails.

A therapeutic manicure may also include a scrub and a nourishing mask after a bath. Before starting all the activities, the specialist reliably assesses the client’s hands and determines what type of treatment is advisable and how much damage is done to the skin.

Overall, after undergoing a full package of spa treatments, the skin on your hands will be beautiful and well-groomed. In maintaining this effect, however, daily care of the appearance of your hands will be necessary.

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