The smart bathroom – the best solutions

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Homeowners are increasingly implementing smart solutions in their homes for greater control, energy savings, reduced water consumption and convenience. Arrange your bathroom smartly with the following solutions!

Smart faucets

Smart bathroom faucets can be equipped with a digital control panel that gives you control over temperature, pressure and water use. Such faucets can be installed anywhere with running water, in the shower, bathtub or basin.

One of the main benefits of smart faucets is water conservation, which reduces ongoing household expenses. Smart bathroom faucets are often equipped with a motion sensor that makes the water start running only when you put your hand under the faucet. This is useful when brushing your teeth or face.

Water recycling system

Combining a sink and a toilet is another practical solution for the environment and your wallet. This feature automatically recycles the grey water from hand washing into a flushing tank. This recycling of water reduces water consumption by up to 25%!

A special water recycling system is also the domain of smart showers. Instead of letting the used water run off into the sewer, the smart shower collects it in a special filter tank and reuses it for washing.

Flood sensors

Flood sensors help you avoid unpleasant surprises. In the bathroom, it’s a good idea to install them behind walls – where sewage and water pipes are usually hidden. The safety system will react to a failure by shutting off the water and informing the homeowner about the problem.

Multifunction shower

Smart showers can do everything from play music to a health-promoting chromotherapy function. They also let you adjust the water flow and temperature with a remote control.

Smart showers work with modern technology. For example, they can have built-in waterproof bluetooth speakers for listening to music or news. And they let you create individual profiles for everyone in the house. So now you don’t have to manually adjust the temperature or spray pattern when you get into the shower. The smart shower remembers the settings for each member of the family.

Intelligent light and modern mirror

An extremely useful solution for any bathroom is smart lighting. It’s much more than just an illuminated LED mirror above the washbasin. Nota bene, intelligent mirror can nowadays even give advice on how to apply makeup and facial care, display current news or weather, while you brush your teeth or arrange your hair

The lighting control system in the bathroom should include several scenarios: morning, romantic and relaxing. It will give the household members a choice of what atmosphere they want to create for that moment in the bathroom.

Microclimate control system

The ability to set the optimum temperature and humidity will allow you to take a bath in maximum comfort. Automated heating and ventilation system is especially important in the bathroom, because it is in the bathroom where there is increased humidity and where it should be warmer than, say, in the hallway.

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