These things you can’t miss in a good restaurant

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A professional restaurant is distinguished from others not only by the quality of its food, but also by its quick preparation and the freshness of the products it serves. In a good catering facility should be equipment that extends the shelf life of food, facilitates the preparation of dishes, and also allows you to shorten customer waiting time for a meal. Check what equipment should not be missing in a good restaurant.

Refrigeration and freezing equipment

Refrigeration and freezing equipment, such as cooling chambers, racks and counters, cube machines, refrigerators and industrial freezers, are essential restaurant equipment. Refrigeration equipment is very important because you can’t run a successful catering business without taking care of the freshness of the products

Depending on the needs of the restaurant, it is advisable to invest in equipment such as refrigerated food cabinets, bottle coolers or refrigerated tables designed for bars and salads. It’s a good idea to buy quality equipment that will keep your food shelf life as long as possible

When choosing a refrigeration unit, you should check the cooling time, energy consumption and make sure that the model meets all hygiene standards. There are chillers available on the market in different sizes, both industrial and portable models. Regular inspection and servicing of refrigeration equipment is necessary for its proper functioning. Check the services offered by ADK Refrigeration and ensure that your equipment is properly maintained.

Heating equipment

Essential equipment for a good restaurant are also heating devices, which include all kinds of ovens and stoves, grills, fryers, boiling pans, kebab devices, rotisseries, bemars and food dryers. Be sure to tailor their selection to the restaurant’s offering

If your restaurant offers in-house bread baking or confectionery, it’s worth checking out professional ibis bakery equipment. For example, electric confectionery ovens with five chambers allow you to bake different assortments at the same time, allowing you to expand your baked goods offerings and fulfill customer orders faster.

Kitchen accessories

Adequate restaurant equipment should also include functional dishwashers, adapted to the type and size of the catering premises, as well as kitchen accessories that will make cooking faster and more comfortable

In a kitchen that cares about fast customer service, mixers and planetary robots, slicers, vegetable shredders and electric peelers will be used. It’s worth investing in equipment that is characterized by efficiency and durability.

Elegant tableware

Tableware, which is to be used in gastronomy, should be visually attractive, made of high quality materials and resistant to breakage and chemicals contained in washing-up liquids.

The glass and porcelain products we choose must be functional, but above all they must meet safety standards. A classic set in white or écru is a safe choice, but you should also consider crockery that will fit the profile of the restaurant, become its hallmark and distinguish it from the competition.

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