Coco Chanel – what did women love her style for?

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Coco Chanel is an extraordinary personality who still stirs up a lot of emotions today. Women quickly fell in love with her style and class. That is why she became a fashion legend. She created unique clothing designs comfortable, yet very elegant. She owes everything to hard work and passion for fashion.

“Fashion passes, style remains”

According to Coco Chanel’s famous motto, style will always remain in price, so the designs she created were full of classic solutions, suitable for every woman. She did not avoid monochromatic fabrics. According to her, black and white were the perfect colors, suitable for various occasions. Their combination always looks elegant and fashionable. This look never goes out of fashion and often returns on the catwalks of famous designers. Women have fallen in love with black and white, which have become part of office fashion for good. Colourful scarves and bags add a touch of nonchalance to such outfits

Still in fashion are suits, which were discovered by Coco Chanel. In her time ladies wore multi-layered and very uncomfortable skirts. They were accompanied by top dresses and corsets, which tightened the body. Chanel freed the fair sex from the torment of wearing uncomfortable whalebones pressing into the body. The answer to this were two-piece suits, consisting of a jacket and skirt. They won the hearts of women, especially those who did not quite know what to wear. Tweed jackets and pencil skirts became a characteristic element of her outfit. She translated her love for simplicity into her designs, which is why they did not lack classic cuts that perfectly emphasized the figure

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The Little Black Dress is a Symbol of the Independent Woman

When the famous “little black dress” appeared in 1926, it became extremely controversial. The short dress with a boat neckline and straight cut was very daring for the time. In the era of glamour, lace and frills, it did not immediately gain great popularity. It had to wait a bit longer for its big moment, but ladies craving for minimalism quickly caught on to it. At first it was bought by professional women, who were comfortable in such styling and looked elegant. Later, in the 50s and 60s, mainly thanks to Audrey Hepburn, it became an iconic style. Together with a string of faux pearls, it looked stunning. Nowadays, every woman has a ‘little black dress’ in her closet, which fits almost every occasion. It is worth having it at hand, especially when you are at a loss for styling ideas.

Small, quilted handbag on a chain

A classic handbag should find its place in every woman’s closet. The quilted bag hanging on the shoulder is a symbol of Coco Chanel and her timeless style. It is also a complement to the elegant, yet urban style which delights women around the world. It is extremely elegant, especially in black. The gold chain adds to its luxurious look.

The jersey set

Coco Chanel discovered jersey. Earlier, it was a material used to sew clothes for workers. Ladies of her time tended to prefer taffeta or silk. Chanel, on the other hand, valued comfort and breathability, which is why this type of fabric worked perfectly in her outfits.

A cover-up and pants made of the same fabric will make you feel elegant and feminine. A version with a skirt made of soft fabric and a jacket or overcoat looks equally well. Such a casual look can be easily completed with stylish pumps and a small handbag. You will look beautiful both on a walk and at work. Similar ensembles can be bought in well-known chain stores. Of course, they are also created by well-known fashion houses. Every woman will find something for herself.

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