Striking solutions for the deluxe bathroom

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When decorating a modern bathroom we face many, often difficult, choices. What to choose: a bathtub or a shower? What colors to opt for? A deluxe bathroom is primarily about simplicity and often furniture with geometric forms.

Space in modern bathrooms

In such bathrooms, space and, if possible, access to natural light is important. Often modern bathrooms are designed in the manner characteristic of bathing salons. If we have a large space to use, it is advisable to divide it into three zones, namely the preparation zone, toilet and resting zone.

What are the characteristics of a deluxe bathroom?

The first important choice when decorating a modern bathroom is to buy the right tiles and fixtures. Minimalism dominates in deluxe bathrooms, so it is worth choosing large tiles in subdued colors, for example shades of white, black and grey. Colors appear in such interiors mostly in the form of accessories. In such bathrooms, high quality of workmanship of each element of the interior is also important.

Free-standing bathtubs

Free-standing bathtubs look very exclusive and are the perfect place to relax. They are ideally suited to deluxe bathrooms. Such bathtubs are a luxurious element, moreover, they can be arranged in such a way that the bathroom looks like a spa. There are different sized bathtubs available in the market. Marmite offers freestanding bathtubs that will make your bathroom unique.

Modern fittings

The deluxe bathroom is dominated by simple solids with rectangular or square shapes. They are minimalistic, but also very functional. Countertop washbasins, which look very elegant, are also very practical. In a deluxe bathroom it is worth to depart from popular schemes and give it an original, individual look.

Modern sanitary ceramics is offered by Deante. In its offer, the producer has, among others, white and black faucets, as well as washbasins.

Accessories for a deluxe bathroom

In order to make an arrangement of a modern bathroom coherent and make an expected impression, functional and aesthetic accessories are necessary. These can be stylish soap dishes, soap dispensers or towel rails. All of these elements can be found in the offer of the manufacturer Grohe.

All accessories for the bathroom should be kept in the same style. This will allow you to maintain a consistent arrangement of the entire interior. It is worth betting on one color accent. The decoration can also be mirrors, which give the room elegance and optically enlarge it.

It is also worth betting on high quality towels, which can be a decorative element in a deluxe bathroom. It is important when decorating such an interior to pay attention to all, even the smallest details.

What kind of furniture to choose?

You can decide to purchase ready-made sets or order custom-made bathroom furniture. The latter solution, admittedly, is associated with higher costs, but allows you to arrange the bathroom in a dreamlike manner. Customized furniture also allows you to make optimal use of space.

When it comes to the color scheme of the furniture in the deluxe bathroom, you can bet on muted colors. However, it can also be a good solution to break the austerity of the interior with more expressive colors on the bathroom furniture.

Walls in modern bathrooms

Tiles or mosaics are often found here. The previously mentioned division of the bathroom into zones is easily achieved by using different colors and patterns. On the walls in modern bathrooms will also look good wood or wood-like tiles.

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