Refreshing your skin after winter – or skin care in spring

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Skin after winter is gray, rough and tired. To restore skin to a fresh, beautiful appearance, you need to take care of its renewal and minimize imperfections. What should skin care after winter consist of? Check how to prepare your skin for spring.

Cleansing the skin

After the colder months, it is crucial to remove the gray, dead layer of skin. After exfoliating dead cells, your complexion will have a nicer, more vibrant tone and be noticeably smoother. Removing the horny layer will also make it easier for active cosmetic ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin

Enzymatic peeling is best for exfoliating dry, sensitive, acne and vascular skin. The cosmetic in a gentle manner loosens and dissolves dead cells. Normal, combination and oily skin can be cleansed with a fine-grained peeling. Dead skin is removed mechanically, due to the action of abrasive substances. The cosmetic is applied to wet skin and a gentle massage is performed. After this procedure the preparation is rinsed from the face. Peeling can be performed 1-2 times a week. In the context of skin cleansing, face washing and make-up removing are also important. Both procedures are repeated daily, morning and evening. Suitable cosmetics are foams, emulsions, oils, milks and micellar liquids. After cleansing, the skin’s pH should be restored to optimal levels by applying a toner

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Skin Nourishment and Regeneration

Spring skin renewal is accelerated by cosmetics for special tasks such as a regenerating cream, mask or serum. All of these products contain highly concentrated nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. After the winter they provide the skin with vitamins A, C and E, collagen, panthernol and selected plant components. Cosmetics should be adjusted to your skin type. Cream or serum can be used daily, mainly at night. A mask should be made once a week in order not to overload the skin with too many beauty treatments

Moisturize and cover imperfections

After winter the skin also needs moisturizing substances – hyaluronic acid, glycerine, aloe vera gel or silk proteins. These ingredients retain water in the skin for a long time and are able to bind its molecules. On the other hand, argan, avocado or macadamia oils, apart from retaining moisture in the epidermis, form a protective coat on the skin surface preventing water loss and the ingress of impurities. These substances additionally provide valuable vitamins and fatty acids. When choosing the right face moisturizer for spring, it is worth looking for the listed ingredients on the labels. Moreover, a cosmetic intended for use during the day should be enriched with UV filters. It is not worth ignoring the spring sun – its rays accelerate photo-aging of the skin.

In spring, a toning cream is also useful. This cosmetic moisturizes and conditions the skin, while hiding its imperfections. Its application allows to achieve an effect similar to the one obtained by applying foundation. Thus, one cosmetic takes care of moisturizing the skin and covering imperfections. The cream provides a natural and fresh effect. Unlike foundation, it does not clog pores and does not increase sebum production. It allows you to avoid the mask effect and emphasize your beauty assets.

With the change of seasons it is worth changing your approach to skin care. After winter skin needs cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing. Temperature changes, wind, precipitation, dry air indoors and a diet poorer in vegetables and fruits – all this left its mark on the condition of the skin. The skin therefore needs intensive refreshment in spring. You can provide it with this by choosing the right facial care products. Dehydrated, grey and irritated skin will regain its balance and healthy appearance.

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