Stylish scarves and shawls – what to wrap up with on colder days?

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On cold days most women like to wrap themselves in scarves and shawls. These accessories are not only practical, but also complement styling. See which scarves and shawls are worth choosing.

Elegant scarves not only for the office

A scarf perfectly complements any classic styling. If you like to wear coats in autumn and winter, you should definitely stock up on some scarves. If your coat is not uniform, then be sure to opt for a plain shawl in one color. A patterned model would bring too much confusion to your styling. If, on the other hand, your coat is solid, you may be tempted to go for a patterned scarf to add a little variety to your styling. If you choose a solid scarf, buy a high-quality product, made of good material that will not discolor during washing. You can bet on this season’s most fashionable colors, such as chocolate brown, intense red, green, cobalt, fuchsia or light purple. Remember to match the color of the scarf to your complexion and the color of your coat (although unusual color combinations are allowed in this field, which make the styling original).

Colorful scarves will enliven the styling!

Supporters of scarves instead of scarves this season will find many interesting options for themselves! In stores there is a wide range of designs and colors of scarves. You can bet on a single-color or patterned version. For simple styling, we especially recommend the latter, which will perfectly enliven even a simple gray coat. In the autumn-winter 2022 season, the checkered pattern reigns supreme in various editions, and in stores you will find many models of scarves using this trend. Do you prefer animal patterns? The immortal leopard print is recommended for your attention! Interestingly, floral patterns are taking autumn-winter fashion by storm, so consider them for a scarf. Do you prefer classics? Opt for pepitas or stripes. For the bold, we suggest scarves in abstract prints, necessarily in intense colors. Geometric shapes or colorful smears will transform even the most subdued styling.

How to choose a scarf or shawl?

Choosing a scarf or shawl can be tricky. Before we move on to practical issues, we would like to emphasize again that it is worth betting on high-quality products that will not lose their original colors and shapes after washing. Opt for natural materials, rather choose models that are thick enough and will protect you from the autumn or winter chill.

Many women wonder how long a shawl to buy for winter. It all depends on how you intend to wear it. If you like to wrap the shawl several times around your neck, then go for long models. The same is true of scarves. If you care about wrapping your neck tightly, even several times, choose a sizable scarf.

Remember that, especially with a scarf, an interesting idea is to wear it over a coat. Then the larger part of it is visible, and it often plays a key role in the styling. It is worth thinking about this procedure if you have a uniform, simple coat or just want to change a standard styling a bit.

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