How to dress for golf?

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Have you noticed that professional golfers have something of the old etiquette of well-mannered gentlemen? Confident, classy, and well-dressed at the same time. If your dream is to look like a real golfer, find out what items you will need.

Hat or cap

Golf means playing in the sunshine or in the pouring rain. Most avid golfers don’t mind playing in almost any weather. They also always have headgear – a baseball cap or hat – to protect their heads. If you want to look like one of these professional, passionate golfers, wear a hat during your next golf outing

Golf Shirt

Many professional golfers opt for comfortable polo shirts. However, you may choose to crank up your style by opting for a golf shirt – choose a long or short sleeve model, depending on the weather conditions and personal preference

The material of the shirt is just as important as the golf ball. Playing golf can cause you to get hot, and you definitely want to be comfortable while playing. Unheated clothes are unhygienic. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a shirt made of high quality fabric, cotton, viscose or linen will be suitable.

When it comes to your golf shirt, make sure that it fits properly. Fitted clothes make golfers look elegant and professional. Be careful not to choose something too tight or too loose.

For women, avoid swimsuits, strapless undershirts, t-shirts and sleeveless shirts. Polo shirts, tops with round necklines and turtlenecks will be perfect. An important rule of thumb is that shirts should always be tucked aesthetically into the lower part of the garment


Depending on the weather conditions, you may need outerwear. In colder weather, you may choose a button-down shirt with a collar, a sweater, a vest, a windbreaker or a light jacket. Don’t forget to hide the collar of your sport shirt if you’re wearing a sweater with a round neckline

It’s a good idea to skip wearing a sweatshirt, hoodie or denim jacket. Make sure what you choose to wear fits properly. Don’t take any baggy or sloppy clothes with you

Golf pants or shorts

Not all golf clubs accept shorts. And those that do accept them additionally require that the shorts have belt loops. They cannot be shorts with an elastic waistband or with drawstrings. Cargo shorts will also not be appropriate

When it comes to choosing pants, this is a little bit harder. The first aspect you should look at is their material. There are fabrics and knits for different weather conditions. Whatever type of fabric you choose, make sure that it will be comfortable and convenient to wear. The color can be anything you want. However, it is safe to choose white, black or khaki. Make sure it will match the top of your closet

Whether you opt for shorts or pants, their length matters. Let your pants be long enough to touch the top of your shoes. On the other hand, if you choose shorts, let them be knee-length

Women can choose skirts, dresses or shorts of the right length – preferably to mid-thigh. Special skirt-shorts are an interesting solution. On the golf course, jeans, sweatpants, combat boots or pants with pleats are not welcome, as well as yoga pants, mini-skirts and very short shorts


There are golf shoes with plastic, hard rubber or soft spikes. These are shoes that will definitely come in handy on the golf course. You can also wear sneakers or running shoes if they allow for a good grip while playing. It would be a complete gaffe to wear sandals or half-shoes. You should also avoid wearing shoes with metal spikes as they can damage the lawn

Additional accessories

If you want to look like a professional golfer, it is advisable to choose some additional accessories. You should pay attention to the choice of socks. Ideally, they should be breathable and wick away moisture well. Of course, they should also match your pants and shorts. The length of socks is also important, as they should reach to your ankles, not higher

Trouser belt – choose one that will match your entire outfit. Make sure it doesn’t cause discomfort when you bend over or hit the ball. Additionally, choosing a stylish model is a huge plus

Gloves are also a common accessory of choice. They prevent blisters and corns on your hands that can occur after an intense game. They are useful if your hands are sweating. They will allow you to grip the club more confidently

Do not take any dangling earrings or long necklaces with you to the golf course. However, it’s worth choosing a nice wrist watch

photo by Robert Ruggiero/Unsplash

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