A beginner’s guide to the game of golf

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Not so long ago, it was associated with scenes from movies that were produced in the United States. Although the game of golf is considered elitist, its popularity in Poland is growing. What is this sport all about? Where did it come from? Here’s a brief guide to its history and rules

Where did the game of golf come from?

Unfortunately, but the details of the origins of the game of golf disappear somewhere in the darkness of history. It probably originated in Scotland, but similar games were also played in the Netherlands as early as the 13th century. They were played with a leather ball and a wooden stick. The Scots certainly laid the foundations for the formation of the rules of golf, which have changed little to this day. Scottish and English rulers were said to have played the game as early as the 16th century. (including Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots)

Where is golf popular?

Although golf is considered a pastime for those in the upper echelons of power and business, in many countries it is available to anyone with a genuine interest in the sport. Its main feature is its intergenerational nature: both teenagers and old people can play. This makes golf very popular in the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, Sweden or Iceland

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The popularity of golf in Poland. Is it a game for the elite?

What about Poland? Golf in Poland emerged in the early 1990s. In 1993, the Polish Golf Union was established. According to data as of the end of 2019, there were 5,600 players gathered in 72 golf clubs in Poland. At the same time, the number of golf courses is increasing – it is estimated that at the end of 2021 there may already be up to 100 locations where it is possible to play golf. Among them there are already 19 courses with 18 holes. Who plays golf in Poland? Among the players and supporters of this sport there are many well-known figures. These include former Liverpool and Real Madrid footballer Jerzy Dudek, hockey player Mariusz Czerkawski, actor Cezary Pazura and satirist Tadeusz Drozda

Rules of golf: the most important thing you need to know!

Golf is a game of driving a very small ball with a club from the tee to a hole 100-500 meters away. Simple? In principle, yes, but the game still has some important rules.

Where is golf played?

A full-size golf course has 18 holes located on an area of 60 hectares. To keep the game simple, there are numerous obstacles: walls, hills, bushes and small bodies of water

What is golf about?

The idea is to cover the distance between the tee and the last hole in as few moves as possible. Very important parameters are:

  • PAR of the hole – the number of strokes that are provided for the hole. It is different for men and women;
  • PAR of the field – the sum of PAR of all holes. The most common is 72 strokes in which to complete the entire golf course

Beginners in golf. Is it difficult?

It turns out that in golf beginners receive a handicap. In their case, the game is played separately at each hole, where they receive one point for winning. However, practice is very important – especially when it comes to the technique of hitting the ball with the club

Types of golf games

There are two types of games when it comes to the rules of the game:

  • match play – a hole-by-hole game where each individual hole is scored;
  • stroke play – a game of strokes, in which the person who completes the entire course with the least number of strokes possible wins.

Different game modes can also be distinguished:

  • individual – each player takes part in the game alone;
  • foursome – is played in teams of two players with one ball;
  • four-ball – is played in teams of two, but each player has his own ball in the game.

Savoir-vivre of a golfer

The long tradition of the game of golf means that it has distinctive etiquette and customs. On the golf course it is obligatory to be polite to rivals, but also to dress neatly. Each player selects his own golf club.

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