How to create the closet of your dreams?

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A dressing room is a room that allows you to keep your home tidy. It is also a real paradise for people who love clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories. How to create your own closet and feel like a star?

Until recently, the dressing room was synonymous with luxury. Such rooms we saw on television screens. Somewhere in distant America people had in their beautiful homes, separate rooms, serving as a luxury closet. The fashion for closets has also entered Poland. Developers and architects create such rooms in modern apartments and houses. How to arrange them, to become the owner of a dream closet?

Small closet

If we are the owners of a relatively small room intended for a closet, we must wisely manage the space. It does not make sense to install large, massive furniture structures, which will take up valuable space. Rods and handles may be successfully installed directly in walls. It is important to paint the interior with washable, dust-free paint.

Space in the room shall be saved also by sliding doors. It is important that the closet was well lit. Entering the room, we must know where the clothes and accessories we are looking for are. Secondly, we must see what condition they are in – whether there are no stains on them, whether they are ironed, etc.

The space in a small dressing room should be used from the ceiling to the floor. At the top, we can keep less frequently used closet items or rearrange clothes seasonally. In winter, hide summer clothes in boxes under the ceiling, and in summer do the opposite.

The big dream closet

A true dream dressing room is a room right next to the bedroom and bathroom, where natural sunlight reaches. In such a dressing room, there is plenty of space to freely set furniture and display cabinets. There should also be space for a dressing table. What else cannot be missing in the dressing room? Large mirrors, allowing you to see yourself from all sides.

What furniture should be in the dressing room of dreams?

The choice of furniture should be tailored to our needs and the type of things we have in our possession. We should think about a space with high rods – there will hang long coats, dresses and other clothes that require space. Another section of the dream closet is the short rods. It is here that we will hang jackets, shirts, blazers … On hangers in this section, we can also hang pants. We can also designate a part of the closet for a pull-out rod for hanging pants.

Another space is a place for storing shoes. It may be open shelves or a glass showcase. Shoes can also be stored in boxes. A clever patent for a clear catalog of shoes in boxes is photographs. We photograph every pair we own, print the picture and stick it on a cardboard box. This way we will know precisely where what is.

A part of the dressing room should be devoted to a jewelry corner. This is where we place pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings and watches. Jewelry can be hung on the walls or on the side panel; arranged in horizontal organizers such as drawers. We can also devote a section of the dressing table for this purpose.

In the dressing room of dreams, part of the space should be devoted to convenient drawers. Whether it will be a small chest of drawers or huge custom-made drawers, such space will surely come in handy. There will be underwear, swimwear, socks, tights and stockings and much more. Despite appearances, small closet items are quite a lot.

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