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Luxury can come not only from the car, but also from the accessories or gadgets associated with it. What to choose to further emphasize your love for your favorite car brand? How to shine and make yourself feel better? Here are some suggestions that are worth using. Some of them are really unusual.

Audi pepper mill

Probably not many Audi owners, even in the most expensive equipment version, could think of creating a luxury gadget connected with the brand, which would be used in the kitchen. But it did happen, and the Audi Pepper Grinder saw the light of day. Perhaps there would be nothing special about it if not for the fact that this gadget is also very high-tech. They had pepper right after tilting, which is possible thanks to a special mechanism. This black object, which is more like a flashlight, emits a sound resembling the roar of an engine while grinding. How much do you have to pay for it? More than 500 PLN.

Audi Heritage USB stick

What kind of USB flash drive would be suitable for a car fan and at the same time emphasize his connection with the brand? Again, the designers working for the German Audi showed off their creativity. Thanks to them the brand advertises itself with a memory stick that looks just like a spark plug, only that it is in the colors of the automotive giant.

Laptop with Lamborghini logo

The brand of Italian luxury cars founded in 1963 is for many people the quintessence of sporty elegance and automotive luxury native to sunny Italy. No wonder then that the much less known ASUS, a Taiwanese company producing among others laptops, has bought the license from the Italian company in order to put the Lamborghini logo on its products. Prices here start at just over $700.

BMW Wireless Headphones

Other German corporations aren’t lagging behind in the battle for automotive fans’ affections either. An example is BMW, which has released headphones with its own logo. Of course, there is a model made of carbon fibre and working in wireless mode available, which costs over PLN 1000. They will certainly come in handy when traveling in a BMW branded car and more

BMW inkwell

It must be admitted that BMW advertises itself in more ways. Among gadgets connected with the concern we will find those very untypical for motorization fans, although associated with luxury – a company’s inkwell, a fountain pen, an elegant decanter with glasses, and even a scooter

Ferrari acoustic guitar

Among the lovers of luxury cars, there are bound to be many lovers of good music. This kind of music can be easily performed even in a luxury car, provided that one has a suitable guitar. Ferrari met such needs and in cooperation with the Blackbird company produced a luxurious gadget in the form of a carbon fibre guitar with slightly futuristic shapes. Its designer, Joe Luttwak, had to make sure that the equipment is very light and ideal for demanding musicians. The price? At least 1500 dollars. A similar idea can also be boasted by Lamborghini, which signed an electric guitar with its logo.

Porsche office armchair

Undoubtedly one of the most expensive automotive gadgets on the market. It costs around 20 thousand PLN and is as beautiful as the style of the German brand’s cars. What else makes it stand out? It is the same seat that is installed in the brand’s flagship product, the Porsche 911

Nail polish from Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz also prepared something for women – a line of nail polishes whose colors perfectly match those used by the brand on its cars. This is the perfect opportunity to look dashing and with a clear reference to the color of your car. A real treat for female car fans.

Mercedes-Benz dog collar

Mercedes-Benz does not forget that many owners of its cars also love their four-legged friends. The affect must be very high for them to buy a Mercedes-Benz signature collar for their dogs, which is studded with Swarovski crystals. Will it fit every dog?

Photo by Garvin St. Villier/Pexels

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