Fashionable glasses for summer – which ones to choose?

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Sunglasses are an accessory, without which it is difficult to imagine summer styling. Their task is primarily to effectively protect the eyes from the sun, but there is no denying that the design of the model also counts. So how to choose fashionable women’s glasses for summer 2021?

Fashionable sunglasses for the summer are an accessory that can add character to any outfit, whether it is a summer dress or jeans and your favorite shirt. To get a look that suits your style and personality, it is worth exploring the most interesting proposals for fashionable women’s glasses for the summer.

Narrow frames

One of the trends that has been triumphing for several years now are sunglasses with slim frames. The look is reminiscent of the 90s and can come with coloured lenses or completely black. They perfectly match sporty stylizations, as well as an addition during summer outdoor events. During vacations we can go a bit crazy with clothes, opting for neon colors of outfits or oversize style clothes. For these proposals black glasses with slim frames will be the perfect choice.

Colored glasses

When choosing fashionable glasses for summer 2021, we usually think about models with dark, black lenses. This year, however, colored versions are back in favor. The choice is really big. You can reach for glasses with blue, pink, orange or green lenses. Ombre models are also popular, i.e. with color transitions from green to yellow for example. In such fashionable glasses for women, the world looks much more optimistic.

What do colored glasses go with? Certainly they will perfectly complement both romantic stylizations in the form of airy skirts and dresses, as well as perfectly crown a casual look, for example jeans with your favorite T-shirt. This model of summer sunglasses will certainly become a joyful and youthful accent in everyday outfit.

Immortal cat eye style sunglasses

Another proposal for sunglasses for the coming summer are models in the style of cat eye, with characteristically profiled frames shaped like a cat eye. In this version of fashionable glasses will feel great for ladies who appreciate a bit mysterious and elegant style

Cat eye frames fit perfectly to sexy dresses. They are perfect for office stylizations. This year the most fashionable are wide models, strongly covering the eyes. These sunglasses will make you feel like a real Hollywood star from the 50s.

Pilots – stylish and nonchalant sunglasses for everyday wear

For fans of sporty and casual style we recommend aviators, also known as pilot sunglasses. Their design refers to the sunglasses worn by pilots. This season the most fashionable are versions with mirrored lenses, from behind which you cannot see your eyes. Alternatively, there are versions with rainbow-colored lenses, which are perfect for everyday wear. These trendy glasses for women can be worn with summer sports dresses, short shorts or more challenging, party outfits.

XXL frames

If you love large frames that cover not only your eyes but also a large part of your face, we have good news for you – these trendy glasses are back for summer 2021

Among the most fashionable models are classic versions with tinted brown lenses and thick frames. Their appearance is a bit reminiscent of the retro style of the 60s and 70s. In optical stores you will also find interesting colourful proposals and more modern models with minimalist lines and invisible frames.

In this season, the choice of fashionable women’s glasses for summer 2021 is really large. Many well-known models have returned to favor, but in a new, refreshed version. We guarantee that each of them will give your holiday stylings an original character.

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