5 exclusive accessories to enhance your summer look

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Accessorise your summer look with geometric sunglasses, a sporty hat or floral jewelry? We give you a hint what is currently on trend!

Summer is in full swing. After the winter shut-down we like to leave our homes and go out to pubs or simply go for a walk. Summer hairstyles are not too elaborate. Light pants, cropped blouses, airy dresses. Summer is the time for fashion accessories. What accessories enhance your hairstyle this summer?

Sunglasses à la Sharon Tate

The fashion of the 1970s is back, not only in terms of clothing, but also in terms of accessories. Sunglasses à la Sharon Tate are a fashionable accessory this summer. What kind of accessory are we talking about? Large, geometric sunglasses. Trendy are models with square, rectangular and cat-eye frames.

How to choose fashionable, exclusive sunglasses for this season? Follow the styles of movie stars of the 60s and 70s and look for models similar to the fashion of the time. Trendy lens colors in 2021 are black, shades of brown and beige.

Handbag à la shopping basket

Handbags made of natural materials, which are inspired by the look of a shopping basket, are the absolute fashion hit of 2021! Fashionable, exclusive addition to any outfit: for day or evening, for a walk or to the beach. How to choose such a bag?

Practically every exclusive fashion brand has in its offer bags à la basket. They are made of straw, raffia and other natural materials or grass. We can choose from large elegant bags, everyday bags, beach bags to small evening models.

Floral jewelry

This year’s fashion is dominated by flowers. This also applies to jewelry trends. Exclusive additions to fashionable outfits this summer are earrings, chains and bracelets with a floral theme. We can choose delicate screw-on earrings, richly decorated, almost hippie-like earrings or colorful celebrity earrings. The jewelry fashion this summer is almost borderline kitsch. Flowers and colors rule!

The baseball cap – a popular baseball cap

Fashion can be perverse. This is the case with this season’s summer headwear. Baseball caps are a hit this summer. The popular baseball cap is a hat that fashion designers have fallen in love with. We can find many branded models for both men and women

Baseball caps are associated only with sporty styling. However, fashion designers approached the topic in an innovative way. Just as sport shoes were once an unthinkable addition to an elegant dress or suit, today the baseball cap is slowly entering the repertoire of exclusive styling.

Scarves and neckerchiefs

Silk and satin scarves and wraps are another of the exclusive hits of the summer. This exclusive accessory changes every outfit and gives it a holiday character. Scarves can be tied around the neck, on the wrist or at the ankle. Very fashionable are also updos with the use of a scarf. The scarf can be used to create a headband or to tie a ponytail or chignon.

Colors and patterns are dominated by motifs taken from the 60s and 70s, but not only. Trends for 2021 include floral, marine, geometric and vibrant colors. Without exception, everyone will find a scarf on the store shelf to complete their holiday look. Silk is a particularly expensive and exclusive material. However, a silk scarf will serve us for many years.

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Main Photo: Melike B./pexels.com

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