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The rhythm of daily life depends on a huge number of factors. In theory, the more commitments you have, the greater the risk that not everything will go according to plan. Fortunately, only in theory. You’ll gain a lot by consistently sticking to well-thought-out assumptions. And to have real control over your time, it’s worth getting to know the functionality of a few of the following mobile apps.


One of the most versatile mobile apps (and tools successfully used in the desktop version) is Trello. Its basic function is to create cards with tasks, which corresponds in a way to pinning cards to a board in the real world. You can assign appropriate labels to each card, add attachments, content or comments. You can share selected or all boards with other users, separating e.g. tasks connected with private and professional life.

Google Keep

Many of Google’s free tools more or less correspond to the topic of this article. One of the most noteworthy is seemingly one of the simplest, but very useful applications, namely Keep.

Simply put, it’s a program for creating quick lists. And since you can access your Google account on various devices – from smartphone to laptop – your lists are always with you, in the cloud. No more scattered notes on paper or notes assigned to one device. Google Keep automatically syncs with Google Drive.

In the application you can, for example, create lists of links with articles you want to read later. For example, you are interested in a new brand on the mobile network market – Otvarta, but at the moment you do not have time to read the review on Just copy that link to Google Keep, and whenever you have time, you can access it with one click. Likewise when it comes to important photos or text and voice notes.

Pomodoro method – many applications

The Pomodoro method is relatively popular among people who, because of their profession, have to take special care of their time management. It is a technique of dividing tasks in such a way as to work on them continuously in 25-minute cycles. After 25 minutes of continuous concentration on a task, take a 5-minute break. It works! However, it is important to have a timer. Many apps are recommended for this task, among them:

  • Focus To-Do,
  • Forest,
  • Pomotodo,
  • Focus Booster,
  • Focus Keeper,
  • Clockwork Tomato.

Google Calendar

Since you use a lot of Google tools and have a Gmail account anyway, make friends with Google Calendar. You can configure it strictly according to your needs, setting the rhythm of the day, week or month. It’s up to you what goals, reminders, events or tasks you add. You can share them with other users. Everything from your laptop, desktop or smartphone. No fees, no complexity, no fucktionality. A simple tool to plan your day extremely well.


The list of useful time management tools seems to be endless, as new applications with great potential are constantly appearing. It’s up to the individual which programs will really help you work efficiently or meet deadlines. For more articles on similar topics visit

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