Exclusive dining room furniture – which to choose?

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Wooden, carved, upholstered or maybe in glamour style? How to choose furniture for the dining room to make the room look exclusive and elegant?

The dining room is a place where we can go wild with style. A representative part of the house, used also during holidays, family meetings and celebrations can, and even should, look dignified and elegant. The exclusive look of the dining room does not necessarily have to go hand in hand with a very high price of furniture. A few tricks will suffice.

Dining in a truly royal style

Dining room in glamour style is a great idea. Elegant and glamorous. Here we have full scope for showing off. Mirrors, crystal chandeliers, a separate wallpaper – all this will find its place in the glamour dining room and will be a great background for furniture.

The colors that go with the glamour style are white, black, gold, silver, beige, turquoise, green and pastel colors. We can successfully opt for white and black high-gloss dining room: lacquered tabletops, decorative legs, quilted chairs or comfortable armchairs

Upholstered furniture can be upholstered with glossy material such as velour. Richly decorated consoles, chests of drawers and display cases filled with exclusive tableware will complete the look. A glass table will also suit glamour style. It is worth matching its ornamented legs in the color of gold or silver. Chairs can also be a distinct accent here – with fancy backrests or massive in construction.

Classic elegance

A classic, wooden dining room is a timeless solution. Stylish furniture in dark brown, cherry or aged, painted white is a tasteful solution. Antique furniture combines brilliantly with this style. Renewed furniture from grandparents, heavy, stylish, richly carved and decorated – will add a unique character to the interior.

Family memorabilia and dinner services will look great in massive display cases. Stylish lamps should hang over the table. A carpet, floral curtains and decorative wallpapers will complete such an interior. Chairs may have an armchair character or be wooden and upholstered. Decorative fabrics in colors of gold, red or green will be perfect.

Opt for simplicity

Exclusive does not mean full of splendor. We can just as well create a minimalist, clean and bright space that will look expensive. To do this, it is worth using monochromatic colors from the palette of beiges. Let’s choose a large, simple table with a stone top and matching simple chairs with a high back. Upholstered chairs with a slightly bucket shape and no armrests are a tasteful solution.

Light and low furniture, such as narrow display cases, low and long chests of drawers, will work best in a dining room decorated in this way. Flowers and photos in simple frames will look beautiful on such furniture. The interior should be additionally warmed up with curtains.

A dining room in a modern style

Modern dining room furniture is a combination of lightness, classics and elegance. Very fashionable is natural wood and combining it with glass: oak table tops with visible wood structure, grain and true color of material. Also in vogue is the combination of wood and resin. Thanks to resin, cracks formed in the process of drying the board are secured and joined.

Wood also combines well with industrial accessories: metal table legs, modern seating benches instead of chairs. The chairs themselves can be wooden or upholstered. Strong and bold colors go well with wood. Turquoise, pink, green chairs with metal legs in the color of old gold, is a very stylish addition to a modern dining room.

When choosing additional furniture for a modern dining room, you can bet on wood, metal or glass. A minimalist arranged space will work as well as a large number of bookcases holding books and ornaments. Industrial lamps and wall lamps will complete the whole.

Main photo: Carrie Hays/Unsplash

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