VR glasses – how to choose the right one?

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Good VR glasses, or what kind of glasses? Should we be guided only by the price? Certainly this is an important factor, but after all, this type of goggles are used for fun, if only to better experience the gameplay in video games.

How do VR glasses work?

Such a device allows virtual play at a higher level than that offered in the traditional convention with a monitor in the lead role. It should be noted that such devices are still undergoing changes and development, still giving slightly different opportunities. Currently, they allow not only the illusion of being in another reality (thanks to the phenomenon of impression), but also allow you to view photos, virtual walks or watching animations and movies

How is the VR effect created?

It is possible through the use of double lenses that curve the image. Thanks to them our brain reads images in such a way that they seem three-dimensional to us

What budget to spend on VR goggles?

The problem with such equipment is that it is difficult to bet on a device that meets the criterion of quality to price, because the expectations of each user can vary greatly. Cheap VR goggles are recommended, among others, as a gift for children or test equipment – after making sure that such equipment suits us, we can safely invest in a more expensive model, which gives much more possibilities

How much do VR glasses cost?

Prices vary. Cheap models can be bought even for as little as 150 zł, but without any problem we can purchase and those that cost more than 8000 zł. A big difference already has whether we choose a model with analog connection, or buy a much more expensive VR goggles wireless

Compatibility – an important feature of VR glasses

It is worth knowing what we will need VR glasses for. Such equipment must be compatible with a specific base device; with a console, computer or smartphone. It is known that the greater the compatibility, the wider use will be able to have the glasses purchased by us

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What to pay attention to when buying?

You should check whether your phone supports the type of VR glasses. It sometimes happens that compatibility is possible only between equipment manufactured by the same brand. It is better to know the situation well than to make a wrong purchase

Good quality lenses

It is on them that the effect with which we can participate in virtual reality largely depends. Cheaper glasses may tend to produce an image with some shortcomings that will not be so impressive

Easy to control

A remote control or intuitively conceived button controls are very important elements. This will make the use of the device easier and will not interfere with our fun

Sufficiently wide field of vision

Cheap lenses lose out to more expensive ones also because they offer a much narrower field of vision. The cheapest ones give you the opportunity to get a field of view from 50 to 90 degrees. More expensive models, on the other hand, give you the opportunity to increase the field of view up to 120 degrees.

Fast and efficient charging

During the course of a game, we may find that we haven’t charged our VR glasses enough. Regardless of how long it will take to charge the device, it is worth choosing an option that will also allow you to charge it while playing the game and without having to abruptly interrupt it.

Technical parameters

VR glasses should be lightweight and can be easily worn on the head. The best solution for our health and interesting experience will be choosing a lightweight set. It’s also good if at the time of its design good fixings were taken care of, extra foam to absorb abrasions or comfortable place for the nose

Photo Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

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