Loft in glamour style. What can not be missing in it?

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Industrial modernity with luxurious splendor. How to play with such a combination and create a unique interior?

Loft in glamour style. Hearing about such a combination, many people are puzzled. How can industrial, austere interior harmonize with sumptuous luxury? This is another example that opposites attract and complement each other in a very interesting way.

Loft interiors

Loft is a term for apartments arranged in post-industrial rooms, in abandoned factories and warehouses. In Poland, a real area of loft apartments is Łódź

Apartments in this style are characterized by large, spacious rooms, high ceilings and raw finish. In lofts, the original finishing elements of rooms are not masked. On the contrary – metal, wood, characteristic doors and windows – all should be strongly exposed.

Living in a loft

Loft apartment, in addition to industrial structural elements, glazing and large windows, is also space. Both the size of the apartment and its height are impressive. The space is usually undivided by internal partition walls. The open concept creates a great living space already from the threshold.

Living in a loft gives a very wide range of arrangement possibilities. Large, spacious rooms can be arranged in any style. If you want to add coziness to the apartment, you can warm it up with decorations and low partition walls. Minimalism will also work in this space. Both light and sleek furniture, as well as heavy, upholstered models fit into the loft apartment

Loft is relatively difficult to clutter. In the apartment usually very well grow plants. In this type of interiors, you can allow yourself to grow large specimens of monstera and palm trees.

Loft in glam style

Glamour is a style that is based on glamour, the impression of luxury and the wow effect. How is it possible that it goes so well with the loft? Loft is a space with character, which is not so expressive that it cannot be a background for the next craziness. It has space, which is much needed to expose glamour furniture and decorations.

Space is the key word, explaining the harmony of the loft and glam duo. Furniture in glamour style is ornate, large and heavy. Similarly, decorations – huge mirrors, crystal chandeliers, fancy lamps and figurines. Having a loft space with distinct metal inserts, we have a perfect base for arranging a glamour interior. Walls should be painted in neutral colors: cream, beige, light gray, pastel pink and blue. Metal constructions should be highlighted with black paint. On such a background, gold, glass, crystal and silver accessories will stand out perfectly.

High room is an asset

Thanks to high ceilings in the loft apartment, we have much more possibilities than in traditional apartments. Glamour style abounds in large, massive lamps. To expose them requires appropriate height. Similarly with the arrangement of windows. Decorating them with curtains suitable for the glam style, we obtain almost a work of art. The curtain material can successfully replace paintings.

In lofts very often mezzanines are used. Thanks to their construction, we get additional living space, arranged from the space above the living room. Mezzanine is another point of the apartment, which decorates and diversifies the space. The railings can be painted gold or encased in glass, which will further enhance the glam effect.

Glamour accessories

Glamour style abounds in lavish decorations. In a loft, we can allow ourselves a few tables, consoles, sofas and armchairs in this style. Open space can be visually divided by placing decorative carpets and massive ornaments. Loft gives us the space we need to set such decorations.

In the apartment there should necessarily be mirrors. Ideal will be those in decorative frames, covering furniture such as dresser. We can also use mirror partitions. Thanks to mirrors, the apartment will seem even larger and will be beautifully illuminated.

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