Modern Smart Home Solutions You Must Have in Your Home

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Lately, we spend most of our time mainly at home. Since last year, it has become not only a place to relax and raise children, but also an office, restaurant and cinema. If you’ve decided to install at least one Smart Home component during this time, you’re surely already aware of the benefits it brings in terms of making your daily activities more comfortable

Admittedly, the easiest way to plan an integrated system when our future place of residence is still in the design phase, but nothing stands in the way to undertake this task also in the completed apartment

Feel even safer in your own place on earth

A house controlled from the central unit can monitor every corner of the property. Monitoring covers mainly the most sensitive places, such as windows or doors, and is able to verify the identity of the person entering through the main entrance. When an intrusion is detected, both you and the security company will know immediately. When the reed switch on the door is tampered with, a camera, microphone and motion sensor system will be activated, which will send messages, turn on the lights and raise the blinds to facilitate the intervention when the intrusion is confirmed.

A useful feature is also the simulation of our presence, which can be enabled if we go on vacation and will not be on our property for a long time. The house itself will turn on and off the lights or control the roller blinds. In addition, every time you leave the house it will check whether you have turned off all electrical appliances and closed all doors and windows.

Smart Home – help in small, everyday activities

Imagine: you are woken up in the morning by your favorite music, first coming from far away and then getting louder. You get up and walk out of your chilly bedroom into the kitchen, where it’s already a bit warmer, coffee is waiting in a cup and the fridge has already checked what’s missing and sent your order to the market. The blinds are slowly rising and it is a sign that you can start your day. All this happened without your participation. You just have to decide what to make yourself a sandwich with

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Home office at the ready

Do you like to work to specific music? It’s already on in the room you’ve designated as your office. The system has also checked the temperature, the air quality and whether the room needs to be aired out before you can get down to business. You can go about your work in peace, because during the day the house will change the settings of the roller blinds on its own, adjusting them to the current weather

Watching movies like in the cinema

You finish your work for the day and move into your living room – it’s relaxing, the light is completely different, the atmosphere is warmer and the speakers of your home audio system already play different rhythms than in the office. Multiroom audio will allow you to relax and even organize an intimate meeting with your friends. You can control most of your devices by voice, connecting to any streaming platform. Now you remember you were supposed to do something – laundry! Relax, it’s long since washed, and if you have a dryer at home, it may even have been dry for a few hours already

Home alone

In addition to presence simulation, the smart home offers many more functions. These are based on automation on the one hand, and the ability to control appliances from your smartphone on the other. If you come home at a different time than usual, you can adjust the time at which the temperature should change. The same goes for any electronic devices that are programmed by the hour. Or maybe you want to connect to your camera and see what your pet is up to when you leave them home? Remember, you may be surprised (even though he is probably sleeping)

A smart home allows you not to think about many everyday issues, generates incredible time savings. It also allows you to run a sustainable economy of resources, such as electricity and water

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden/Unsplash

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