Do you travel often? Find out what to look for when buying a travel suitcase

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A suitcase is associated with travel – which in recent times has become very difficult, sometimes even impossible. We longingly wait for tourism to flourish again. Before that, it is worth thinking about picking up some useful accessories. What should a travel suitcase be like?

A suitcase tailored to our requirements

It is not only about the dimensions of the suitcase, although they are very important, but mainly about how often and in what conditions it will serve us. It is not worth targeting a suitcase made of the worst materials, which will fall apart after the first use anyway. Rather, you should have one that is durable and of good quality, even if you travel twice a year. We don’t need the most technologically advanced model, with increased durability, etc.

Soft or hard – which suitcase will be best?

  • Hard suit cases – they are valued primarily for their high durability, good protection for the items inside and are the best choice when we take it on a plane (it is easy to determine its shape, things will not be damaged if someone, for example, throws the luggage). The disadvantage is that it is impossible to adjust its shape to the dimensions of the luggage compartment and it is difficult to repair it once it is damaged.
  • Semi-hard suitcases – are a compromise option, because they are quite flexible, at the same time protecting your belongings better than soft suitcases.
  • Soft suitcases – they fit perfectly in the luggage compartment, trunk or in the space available under the seat, they are also quite easy to repair and it is easier to stuff additional items into them; they are very often chosen because of their quite low price. Their disadvantages are that they are not very suitable for airplane travel and they are not very effective in protecting the items inside.

Popular suitcase dimensions

The dimensions of a suitcase are important because of how much stuff you want to take with you on a trip. They are most important when you are traveling not on your own airplane, but on another means of transportation. It may be a plane, where certain dimensions of luggage are allowed, but also a train or a bus, where we will have to cope with it ourselves.

Small and large suitcases

The sizes of suitcases are different, because the needs are also different. A small suitcase is usually a suitcase with a total length, width and depth of 115 cm – 55 × 40 × 20 cm. It is assumed that you can fit a maximum of 10 kg of luggage in it. For larger suitcases for airplanes, the so-called registered luggage, the limit is usually 28 kg. The total length is usually between 150 and 160 cm. If you are not threatened by the limits, you can choose larger suitcase models

What other features should a good suitcase have?


They are definitely the element which is most exposed to damage and wear. At the same time, they are important because they allow you to transport your luggage more easily without carrying its weight. It is worth choosing:

  • models with four wheels,
  • suitcases with wheels rotating through 360 degrees,
  • rubber wheels are better for shock absorption than hard plastic wheels.

Handles and compartments

The interior of a suitcase should be well suited to our needs. We should choose such a model, in which straps, partitions and pockets will allow us to properly divide our clothes, personal belongings, but also to transport small items or documents.


It may turn out to be very necessary, for example, combination padlocks. They will come in handy especially when we will not be able to have our luggage with us. It can happen then that it will become a prey to thieves. It is advisable to buy such a type of lock, which will actually serve the safety of our things and was not just a dummy security.

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