Elegant accessories for a glamorous living room

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The glamour aesthetic has been capturing hearts for a good few years. No wonder. After a hard day at work, each of us would like to relax on a velour sofa in a living room straight from a Hollywood movie.

Glamour – what is it all about?

The glamour trend, otherwise commonly known as glam or Hollywood style, wants to reproduce the wealth and splendor of the homes of former stars of the Golden Era of movies. It is characterized by the use of precious metals, usually silver and gold, as color accents, the use of beautiful, rich fabrics and the application of bold architectural decisions. Fans of this timeless style can be found among widely recognized designers such as Marc Jacobs and among the talented celebrity roster that includes Samuel L. Jackson and Paloma Faith.

Start with a canvas

When designing any space, you should start by asking yourself if the walls and floors of the room match your vision. If we have any concerns that our outdated traditional-style wallpaper won’t match the new face of the living room, it’s better to get rid of it even before the whole process begins. The flat surfaces of our home are, after all, the canvas of the picture we want to paint. It needs to be properly prepared in order to apply paint to it in the form of furniture and accessories.

If you do not want to carry out a deeper renovation of the living room, but only focus on superficial improvements, instead of replacing the panels in the floor, opt for elegant carpets that will divert attention from the unwanted elements of the environment. When choosing the right model, pay attention to its thickness, color and pattern. For a glamorous look, geometric rugs work well if you want a more modern look, or traditional patterns if you’re going for a retro look.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych/Pexels

Stay away from mass production

Your walls shouldn’t be filled with the first better paintings found in popular furniture chains. Real art costs money. If your guests, upon entering your living room, are immediately able to recognize what distributor provided you with a mass-produced painting, you will create an impression of a person with cheap taste.

Instead of going for the mass-produced stuff, reach for real works of art by established artists. Glamour style loves bold choices that immediately catch the viewer’s eye. Picasso’s paintings are a good example. His works were timeless already at the time of their creation. Framed in a golden frame, they will compose perfectly with any Hollywood living room.

Don’t be afraid of shine

Glamour loves a good use of gold, silver and other reflective elements. If your walls seem dull, perhaps Końskie Ceramics can come to your rescue. You can use one of their many designs to create an accent wall in your room, which will add depth to the entire space. If your living room connects to your kitchen or dining room, a good idea is to use ceramic that imitates marble – another surface very often used in glamour style.

An equally successful treatment to increase the depth of the room is the use of mirrors. Reflecting the space around them, they will optically enlarge the living room.

Furniture upholstery – what materials to choose?

We have already said that noble metals, shiny materials and marble are typical materials for glamour style. But what about soft surfaces such as armchairs or sofas?

Try to choose furniture upholstered in soft, richly colored fabrics. Velour is a good example, especially if you also use it to design decorative seat cushions. If you are trying to find upholstery not for an armchair, but for a chair or stool, opt for faux fur.

Main photo: slavun/Adobe Stock

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