Lighting for elegant interiors – recommended solutions

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Furnishing a refined room in an elegant style is, despite appearances, a luxury that we can easily afford. It is enough to learn a few practical solutions and features of the style we dream of. This will provide us not only with the right colors and textures of walls, furniture or accessories, but also the right lighting. What lamps will be best for an exquisite interior? Many inspirations and ideas with the latest trends can be found in catalogs and blogs, as well as in online stores.

Types of lighting

When designing the space of a room, it is worth thinking right away about what kind of lighting will be necessary for it. The basic type of lighting will be ceiling lights, which can be either hanging, such as with a refined lampshade, or be adjacent, such as elegant plafonds made of wood. However, there are many other solutions besides ceiling lights! These include wall sconces, which will give a unique, refined atmosphere to the room. It is also worth betting on additional lighting, which will allow to illuminate particular fragments of a room and will also be beautiful decorations – these will be various types of standing and table lamps. What features should distinguish all these types of lighting, so that they give elegance to the interior?

Classic colors

When choosing any of the lamps for an elegant room, we should bet on their classic colors, and such certainly include gold, silver, antique gold and copper. Choosing the right color will depend on the colors in which the room is decorated. It is also worth mentioning, that if you decide on gold-colored lamps, it is worth to keep the color consistency in the accessories you choose. Let us also avoid excessively artificial solutions, i.e. gold and silver looking unnatural, with too much gloss or looking like a cheap material, since the intended effect of making the room elegant will be the opposite – it will cause a sense of kitsch. The classic color scheme also includes black, which is somehow omitted in elegant rooms, because it seems too little “luxurious”. A great solution for a refined interior will be, for example black chandeliers.

Glamour style

If we want to allow ourselves a dose of real luxury, we should bet on the glamour style. Colors, stylized furniture, expensive materials (e.g. marble) and characteristic accessories are the four most important features of glamour style. In case of lighting, it will be primarily various types of hanging lamps, wall lamps, as well as plafonds, which are made of crystals. Not only beautifully reflect the light in the room, but also give it a very exquisite character, not overwhelming the space, but causing a sense of lightness. In glamour lighting we can also find beautiful lamps with lampshades in different colors, which are made of velour or translucent, crinkled material

So if you are designing the interior of a room and want to give it an elegant character, remember to choose the right lighting. You can choose any type of lamps, but they should be in classic colors of gold, silver or black, or be made of luxurious materials. A style you can use as inspiration is glamour style and its characteristic lamps with crystals and exquisite lampshades. A bold, but equally elegant solution will be to bet on artistic lighting, so for real connoisseurs and patrons of art.

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