The modern concierge – a specialist in unusual tasks

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Concierge, or concierge, responds to guest inquiries, redirects phone calls, coordinates itinerary and more. Must support company culture and show guests that they are welcome and valued. Typically works in the hospitality industry, but is also increasingly finding employment in private hospitals, real estate agencies and office buildings

What are the responsibilities of a concierge?

A concierge cares about quality customer service, so he or she should have excellent communication skills. He or she pays attention to detail, listens attentively and can anticipate someone’s needs so as to provide a great customer experience

Responds to phone and email inquiries promptly and respectfully. Can recommend the best restaurants to guests. Many times assists them in arranging transportation and excursions. Checks that guest rooms and lobbies are clean and orderly. Receives and redirects mail, phone calls, packages, etc. Acts as a liaison between customers and each department of the company

Who can benefit from concierge services?

What modern concierges do depends largely on the type of facility where they are employed. As such, the duties of those working in a hotel may be slightly different from those of those employed on a cruise ship, casino, resort, corporation or private estate.

If you feel that you are constantly short of time and cannot cope with your daily responsibilities, use the services of a concierge. You can talk to him by phone, email or online. He will try to remedy the difficulties and problems you are facing. He will book your train, plane or movie ticket. He or she will make an appointment for you to see a doctor, dentist, hairdresser, beautician or masseur. They can also buy flowers or other gifts for your loved ones on your behalf. By working with such a person, you can better focus on running your business. – Luxury Concierge: How Rich People Get Things Done

Why use this type of service?

Using a concierge can save you some money: he will tell you how to get to the airport cheaply and point out restaurants that offer happy hours. He will also suggest free attractions and advise you how to choose a cab at an attractive price. Additionally, it will recommend the best fitness facilities, buy tickets for you and take care of your safety.

Most clients will tell you that the main advantage of concierge services is that it frees up valuable time. This allows them to do what they love instead of spending long hours searching for information and booking train, plane or cultural or sporting events.

Looking for the best hotel in Paris? Want to dine at the newest restaurant in New York? Or maybe you dream of relaxing in a secluded resort in the Caribbean? Get the help of a concierge. What is interesting, this specialist knows how to negotiate attractive discounts for us in various places.

What are the benefits of hiring a concierge?

Many people associate concierges with five-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants. However, it is worth considering hiring a concierge in your company. He or she will not only help the executives, but support every level of the organization.

He will arrange every aspect of your life that you don’t have time or desire to do. It will allow you to find more free time, which you can devote to other duties, passions or meetings with family and friends

Concierge will help you organize vacations. He or she can recommend a restaurant or cafe in any part of the world and book a table for you. He can also buy a ticket for you to a theater performance, a concert, a movie or a VIP event. You don’t have to think about it anymore or take your mind off work. Thanks to him, you will focus only on what is most important.

To whom are concierge services addressed?

This type of service is aimed at people who have busy lifestyles. If you feel that you need someone to help you organize your daily affairs, establish cooperation with an experienced concierge

The best companies that offer such services will provide you with a personal concierge. This will ensure that you are dealing with someone who will know your needs, expectations and lifestyle. Looking for a vacation spot, booking hotels and restaurants or buying a unique birthday or anniversary gift can be an extremely lengthy and tedious task. Why search the internet blindly when you can ask for a personal recommendation from an expert with a huge list of contacts?

Are you looking to hire a cleaning lady? Are you looking for a professional and creative decorator? Or maybe you need a nanny for your child? The concierge will give you suggestions on who to hire.

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