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Jewelry has accompanied people for centuries. It used to be a symbol of enslavement, social status and power. It also defined the cultural identity, showing the membership of owners in certain social, religious or political groups. Jewelry has a timeless character. So which one to wear to match your styling?

Gold and silver – the classic trend continues

If you like classic style, women’s jewelry has a lot to offer. Simple chains, thin bracelets or classic watches will never go out of fashion. Women’s silver jewelry will go well with most outfits, both casual and formal

The only important thing is not to overdo with its quantity. Bracelet, ring, earrings and chain is definitely too much – when choosing jewelry, it is safest to choose maximum two types of ornaments. If you are not a silver enthusiast, gold jewelry will suit you in a similar way. Try to avoid mixing these two colors in one outfit

Jewelry – a reflection of your personality

An interesting type of jewelry is jewelry with special meaning or use like artistic jewelry. Ethno style necklaces or bracelets with a certain motive often express the owner’s beliefs

In addition, jewelry often reminds the wearer of the values she intends to live by and what is important to her (it can be for example a cross for Catholics or an animal or flower motif for whisperers). In such cases, the fit of the outfit plays a secondary role. The style of clothing itself is also usually similar to jewelry. The outfit, like the accessories, is an expression of your feelings and personality.

The situation is very similar with handmade jewelry – neutral colors (especially with wooden jewelry) or the circumstances of receipt make it a part of you. And since the earrings or bracelet fit you, they will also naturally match your outfits.

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Talismans & Remembrances

A specific and unique type of jewelry is family heirlooms. This is often custom jewelry, such as watches with the family crest or medallions with photos. Such pieces, made with craftsmanship and care to last for years, are certainly versatile and can be worn with any outfit. They evoke history and ancestors, and such reflections do not require a dress code.

It is no different in case of talismans – if you believe in the energy of nature and the power that can be given by its individual parts, you are certainly not unfamiliar with jewelry made of natural stones. If malachite, rhodonite, quartz or jasper is something that helps you in everyday functioning and finding inner balance – do not hesitate to use such jewelry

The strength enchanted in a stone that has been artfully placed in your bracelet or on a ring is definitely something worth carrying with you. Natural stone jewelry adds charm to its owner and surrounds her with an aura of mystery. It will definitely match with most of your outfits.

Opt for versatility

Most types of jewelry are timeless and versatile. This is due to several factors. The first may be its universal nature, which goes with most outfits worn for both casual and more formal occasions. This is exactly the type of accessories silver and gold jewelry can be freely matched with most styling.

Another important factor that proves versatility of jewelry may be its expression. Accessories often express specific values of the owner. They do not do so in isolation, as most beliefs are followed by a particular style of clothing that is preferred by particular groups. Usually, the style of clothing and accessories are similar, allowing for a lot of matching.

The versatility of jewelry can also be demonstrated by its sentimental value or use. If you wear family heirlooms, amulets or talismans, the question of attire usually becomes secondary. As long as you remember when shopping that both jewelry and styling are meant to express you, you will have no trouble creating universal combinations between the two.

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