Scandinavian style dining room – how to decorate it?

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Scandinavian style is still triumphant in interior design. Lightness and simplicity of shapes, numerous ways of arranging space win it more and more supporters. Today we suggest how to introduce Scandinavian style to your dining room interior. Use our tips and feel the atmosphere of Scandinavia!

Dining room in Scandinavian style

Whether you have a whole room, or your dining area is in the kitchen or living room, Scandinavian style is the perfect solution. There is no room for anything superfluous, but lots of light and natural materials. In a word, Scandinavian style is a comfort and aesthetic pleasure. In addition, this direction in interior design is easy to combine with other styles, which can prove to be very convenient if the dining room is adjacent to the kitchen or another room.

Scandinavian style in dining room design

The classic Scandinavian style does not allow you to let your design imagination run wild, but by combining it with other styles you can achieve a unique arrangement. For example, in the Scandinavian dining room, there are often elements of modern style. Such a duo allows you to use not only furniture made of wood, but also introduce into the interior metal chairs or more saturated colors. Scandinavian design also likes the company of boho style. In this case, consider rattan armchairs and colorful pillows.

Dining room in Scandinavian style – colors

In interiors in Scandinavian style dominates timeless white. Shades of wood add cosiness, while stronger colors, such as navy blue, black or green, are used to emphasize accessories – vases, pots, curtains or upholstery. If this color scheme seems too monotonous to you, you can introduce some additional shades into the dining room: brown, powder pink or blue.

Finish the walls, floor and ceiling

The simplest solution is to paint the walls white. If you’re looking for a more interesting solution, consider installing wainscoting, which has been making a comeback in recent years. You can also lining the dining room floor with wood. As for the ceiling, it must remain white – at most you can afford wooden beams, but this solution will not always be successful.

Scandinavian style in the dining room – furniture

The focal point of the dining room remains, of course, the table. Its shape does not play an essential role, unlike the material it is made of. Make sure it is made of wood. Both classic and minimalist models of chairs will complete the arrangement. Decorate them with eco leather or rugs with fashionable patterns, which will give cosiness and character to the interior

Lighting and accessories

Lighting plays a very important role in Scandinavian interior design. First of all, maximum light must enter the dining room, so it is best to completely abandon the curtains on the windows. The main decorative element must be a hanging lamp, preferably with a large shade. The walls can be decorated with minimalist posters with mottos, the table with a vase of flowers and the windowsill with plants in pots.

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