Swiss watches – why are they so popular?

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Swiss watches are associated with prestige and good taste. Some compare them to wine – the older it is, the more valued by connoisseurs. But should Swiss watches be valued in this way and what lies behind their enduring fame?

Mechanical or quartz?

Traditional watches can be divided into mechanical and quartz. They differ in the mechanism that drives the hands. The quartz movement is much more durable and has a longer life span. Watches with this mechanism are shock resistant. This makes them wearable even in extreme conditions.

Most Swiss watches just have a quartz movement, which works well for people who wear them every day. They are very modern, but they need to be taken care of. For a quartz watch to have a long life, it requires regular winding and the use of special lubricants. It is not without reason that Swiss watches with such a mechanism are intended mainly for real enthusiasts.

These are very accurate devices, in which only a slight deviation of a few seconds per month can be observed. Many people who value these mechanisms choose Swiss watches, considered to be the most precise. Importantly, the quartz mechanism is lighter compared to the traditional mechanism.

Why do Swiss watches still have the same price?

Brands like Rolex and Omega do not change their price. They are a symbol of luxury and elegance. This cost is also followed by quality and precision workmanship that has remained unchanged for years. What is important, metal gears are used in their production. These components are made by hand, so they can be serviced. Most models of watches coming from Switzerland therefore have a lifetime warranty. A well serviced watch will serve us for a lifetime, and it even happens that it passes from generation to generation. All components are made of the strongest materials, insensitive to the passage of time. Most of modern watches of less known brands have plastic components, which simply break after some time. Thus, it is not possible to use them for a long time.

Swiss watches are enduringly popular because their external components are made of high-quality 316L surgical steel. This is a high-grade steel, much more durable than the stainless one. It resists corrosion and also does not tarnish. Inferior alloys of steel can cause allergies. Having a Swiss watch, we can be sure that it is hypoallergenic and safe to wear, even during sports when the skin sweats.

Authorized dealers and manufacturers of Swiss watches provide customers with a lifetime warranty and free replacement parts. In case of glass breakage or flooding, we can apply for service.

Swiss watches are characterized by timeless design and very modern solutions. These include a reinforced dial, which also has a stopwatch function, the possibility of changing the bracelet for a leather strap, chronometer and shatterproof glass.

Such a watch becomes not only a very useful gadget, but above all a beautiful decoration for people who appreciate luxury and class. It can also be a very good investment, since some limited editions of the Rolex brand after several decades reach exorbitant sums at auctions, and watch enthusiasts and collectors are eager to buy them for their collections.

Swiss watch – synonymous with perfection

These are exceptional watches, with a long history, translated into a passion for creating beautiful and perfect mechanisms. Despite their price, they are still very popular. Made very precisely and with care, they are the most recognizable symbol of Switzerland. Each model has its own serial number and is unique. Continuous work of designers allows to create real masterpieces, covered with rose gold and decorated with diamonds

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