Art déco style – what distinguishes it?

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Every time you renovate your home you don’t know what style to choose? We present art déco style, hoping that it will inspire you to make changes in your home!

Art déco style – how was it created?

Art déco is a unique artistic trend, which was born at the beginning of the 20th century in France and already in the 1930s it achieved its greatest triumphs. Translated from French art déco means ‘decorative art’. It is an elegant and expressive style, which makes the interior look refined and rich. This is what people needed in the early 1940s, tired of poverty and problems associated with the Great Depression in America. And just at that time art déco gained popularity on a global scale. The new style combines functionalism, jazz accents, primitivism and luxury, metal and rare woods.

Art déco style – what distinguishes it?

Here is a list of the main features that distinguish the art déco style:

  • strict geometry, curved and zigzag lines, asymmetry;
  • expensive finishing materials;
  • luxury and attention to every element of the arrangement;
  • lots of mirrors, glass and metal;
  • natural stone, ivory and expensive woods; 
  • mosaics, stained glass, crystals and expensive crockery;
  • natural leather and furs, including bear and tiger;
  • exotic statues and masks;
  • a multitude of light points and reflective surfaces.

Nowadays, natural exotic items in interior design can be successfully replaced by their imitation, which will reduce the cost of home furnishings.

Finishing materials in the art déco style

As we have already mentioned, when decorating houses and apartments in the style of an art déco once used mainly expensive natural materials, this type of interior was reserved for wealthy people. Today, thanks to the development of technology, you can purchase and use high-quality imitations.


In elegantly furnished interiors, floors must be properly finished. In the early stages of the style development, parquet flooring was used to cover the floors with high quality wood. The floorboards were used to create intricate mosaic ornaments or simple patterns. The floor was equally often covered with natural stone or black and white tiles. Today, laminate flooring or linoleum imitating wood, stone or granite tiles is a cheaper solution. Such a covering can be complemented with a carpet with a simple geometric pattern or natural leather.


Until recently, art déco style was associated only with palace interiors with high, richly decorated ceilings. Expensive stucco work made of stone and plaster, however, has been forgotten. Nowadays they are usually made of ceramic gypsum, polyester resin or styrofoam. Their variety allows them to create exquisite coffers on the ceilings.


Walls can be finished in various ways: decorated with stucco or lined with wallpaper with a geometric or ethnic pattern. A fashionable way to finish walls in the art déco style are also wall panels, providing an original decorative effect. It is good that the walls are kept in one color. If you use wallpaper with a pattern, it is better to finish only one wall with it.

Art déco style colors

When creating interiors in art déco style, it is best to use the following color combinations:

  • gold and black;
  • Beige and noble purple;
  • sand and brown;
  • chocolate and ivory;
  • purple and emerald;
  • white and golden brown;
  • gold and ruby.

These combinations form the basis of the art déco color palette, which you can complement with other juicy but not bright shades.

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