Pencil skirt – how to wear it to look chic?

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Such a piece of women’s clothing as a pencil skirt gives its wearer elegance and charm. The pencil skirt is a classic piece of women’s clothing suitable for all occasions.

Pencil skirts – trends

The classic pencil skirt is tapered at the bottom, reaches to the knee and has a seam and a small opening at the back. Just like the Little Black Dress, the pencil skirt is an iconic piece of women’s clothing.

Nevertheless, the constant changes in fashion could not help but leave their mark on the pencil skirt. Today, the models available can be both very short and very long, with high or low waists. In addition, the severity of the modern pencil skirt can be softened with various types of pleats, ruffles, draping, embroidery, decorative embossing and other accessories. The slit can be located not only at the back, but also at the side or front.

Pencil skirts – colors, materials

Unlike classic “pencil skirts” made only of thick fabrics in shades of gray, black and pastels, nowadays pencil skirts are made of cotton, suede, cashmere, velvet, jersey, denim and even lace. The freedom also applies to their shades. Vibrant colors are especially popular today, especially red, orange, yellow, turquoise and green. Pencil skirts are usually kept in one color, but some designers do not shy away from a new cut – with vertical inserts, which differ in color from the basic material.

Pencil skirt – who fits?

No matter what your figure is, how old you are and what style you dress in every day – a pencil skirt is a must have in your closet. It’s an extremely versatile piece of clothing, which is not only the perfect outfit for the office or a business meeting. Pencil skirt is a very graceful material for fashion experiments.

Pencil skirt looks good on every woman, regardless of her body shape. Undoubtedly it will look best on a woman of medium to tall height with a shapely figure and a wasp waist. However, this cut will suit not only flabby beauties, but also short women and ladies with full hips. In such a skirt you will effectively camouflage your shortcomings and emphasize your assets, provided that you style it properly and choose the right length of the model. So:

  • if you have a boyish figure, opt for a high-waisted skirt made of soft material, which will wrap around your figure;
  • if you have a triangle figure, pair the pencil skirt with a loose top, so as not to accentuate the disproportion between your hips and shoulders;
  • women with a rectangular figure should choose models with a contrasting stripe, to optically narrow the waist;
  • in order to lengthen the silhouette a classic-length model combined with slippers with high heels will help.

What to wear with a pencil skirt?

The pencil skirt can be called a chameleon, because with accessories that complement this item of clothing, its look changes completely.

The classic version of this skirt needs an equally classic top. It can be a light shirt, blouse or top with a high collar, and in cold months, a thin sweater or turtleneck. A slim-fit jacket completes an office look.

If you are going to a meeting in a pencil skirt, you can match it with a silk top or a blouse with a corset. Incidentally, the pencil skirt paired with a corset is a real hit at any party. If you are thinking about a successful Christmas outfit, match a pencil skirt and a chic top with a pair of expensive accessories: earrings, bracelet or brooch.

If the skirt is made of glittering fabric or finished with straps and beads, you only need to match one accessory. But let it be massive and eye-catching.

Shoes for pencil skirts should have heels. They can be sandals, pumps, or even boots, but necessarily with a high stiletto. This will optically lengthen and slenderize the silhouette.

Platform shoes are also quite a good solution. However, flat sole shoes combined with this cut of skirt will look good only on women with long legs

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