All inclusive vacations – where is it worth going?

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All-inclusive vacations tempt with beautiful views and luxurious hotels. Check the most popular destinations for vacations 2021 and recharge your batteries for the whole year!

Turkey – hot riviera and ancient monuments

If you are planning an all-inclusive vacation, but at the same time is in you the soul of a globetrotter, it is necessary to check trips to Turkey. This unusual country attracts not only with its centuries-old culture, but also excellent tourist facilities. For adventurous and lovers of foreign cultures open Istanbul – the capital of Turkey. Among the souvenir stalls you will get to know the Muslim culture, and also delight in the multitude of beautiful monuments. Among them are the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, the Theodosius Wall and the Galata Tower

If you long for sandy beaches will surely delight the city of Kizkalesi in southern Turkey. Here you will find beautiful hotels with access to beaches, as well as a warm Mediterranean climate. Hotels here very much care about their guests, so in their offer have access to a wellness area, indoor pools and excellent cuisine. Within the hotels are also restaurants, bars and concert halls. Turkey is a great choice if in addition to sunbathing you also plan to visit ancient cities and mosques.

Albania – Balkan vibes

Albania is not as popular a tourist destination as Croatia or Greece, but this undiscovered land hides the essence of Mediterranean culture. This is the perfect place for those who want to find themselves in a real cultural melting pot, get to know the unusual cultural and linguistic mix, and visit the extraordinary monuments, listed by UNESCO

Worth a visit is Tirana – beautiful and very rapidly growing capital of Albania, with beautiful boulevards on the river Lanë. Gjirokaster is a city of a thousand stairs and distinctive gray roofs with magnificent architecture, unparalleled anywhere in the world. For those who love the coastal climate is also to visit the town of Durres – the largest port in the country. In Albania you will also taste extremely exquisite cuisine, full of seafood and characteristic for Balkan countries baklava – sweet pastry with pistachios. Albania, despite the beautiful resorts and many beaches is still a fairly cheap country to visit, so vacation 2021 should spend right there.

Malaysia – all inclusive vacation in the shade of palm trees

Malaysia is a country located on the Malay Peninsula and includes part of Borneo Island. The climate is equatorial and relaxing. Most of the year the temperature does not drop below 30 degrees Celsius. Looking for tropical destinations and beautiful weather, you will definitely not be disappointed. It is extremely diverse, yet sunny and beautiful. It delights not only with equatorial forests, but also with beautiful mountains and caves. This is a great place for people who want to combine active recreation with sunbathing. Mountain hiking or beachcombing. It is also known for its very rich culture, rituals and hospitality. The locals include Malaysians as well as Indians and Chinese. The tourist part of Malaysia is full of five-star resorts, but tourists can also rent very charming thatched huts.

All-inclusive vacations – what to remember

Due to the current situation, before departure should check the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for up-to-date information on mandatory vaccination or quarantine upon arrival in Poland. Many countries, including Bulgaria and Turkey do not require antigen tests if we are vaccinated. When flying out, you should carry an up-to-date vaccination certificate with the date the last vaccine was administered and the name of the preparation given.

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