Kate Middleton – what is the phenomenon of her style, which is imitated by women around the world?

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Do you dream of dressing royally? Be careful with your desires, because they may come true! Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has not only won the heart of the most famous groom in Britain. Half of the world’s population has also fallen in love with her. And all thanks to her incredible charm, good looks and impeccable style. What is the phenomenon of Kate’s style? We answer!

It would seem that it is not difficult to look great when you are the wife of a prince and live in Kensington Palace. However, it is worth remembering that Kate has limited options when it comes to outfits – she must always represent the royal family! Although the Duchess masterfully meets the requirements for her appearance, while wearing what she feels comfortable and harmonious in, her style is always sophisticated and carefully considered. In photos, Kate always looks impeccable and elegant

Kate Middleton’s Style Secrets

Below, we have collected the key points that you can notice in Kate’s style.

1. Simplicity

Kate looks regal in every outfit – whether in a modest Zara dress or in an exclusive suit from another famous fashion house. And all because everything fits her flawlessly. And it does not matter whether it is jeans with a jacket or a tight evening dress. Kate always has an outfit tailored by her own tailor.

But it’s not just about that. Kate’s outfits are always simple, with minimal trim and decoration. She often appears in public in modest dresses. At the same time, each of her outfits is always harmonious and thought out to the smallest detail, Kate is always elegant. The only spectacular detail that often flickers in her looks is the bright color.

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2. Harmonious Style

But the secret to Kate’s flawless look isn’t as obvious as it might seem at first glance. She knows how to look classy and elegant, yet youthful at the same time. Whenever she appears in public, there is perfect harmony in her styling.

Her style is based on

  • knee-length dresses and skirts,
  • low-cut necklines,
  • shoes with heels no higher than 5 cm,
  • minimal jewelry and accessories,
  • dresses with 3⁄4-inch sleeves.

Kate can also be seen in sheath dresses, and an elegant accessory that often completes the Duchess’ look is a hat

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3. Familiar Brands

The stylish Duchess is sometimes referred to as the unofficial face of two fashion brands – Alexander McQueen and Jenny Packham. It is in outfits by their designers that the Duchess most often appears in public

Sarah Burton became the designer of Kate Middleton’s luxurious wedding dress. It is she who currently holds the position of creative director of Alexander McQueen’s fashion house. The outfit was amazing. It harmoniously combined modern and classic, providing the perfect blend of grace and royal glamour.

Many fashion bloggers, who literally hunt for information about Kate’s outfits, were convinced that motherhood would radically change the young Duchess’ style. When she walked out of St. Mary’s Hospital in a soft blue dress with little white peas from Jenny Packham with a tiny baby in her arms, the public showed delight and excitement in every possible way.

The British woman immediately evoked the analogy of Princess Diana, who in the same way in 1982 left the hospital in a turquoise polka dot dress with Prince William in her arms. Diana, however, dressed more conservatively because she was required to wear mid-calf length skirts, and this style adds years.

Nevertheless, Kate successfully combines her own style with the dress requirements of the royal family. In this case, she is a pioneer, but at the same time does not hesitate to wear bold styles. She quickly got back into shape after having a baby. She is young, energetic and active – and always tries to show it through her creations.

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4. Accessories

It is said that the devil is in the details. Every picture of Kate Middleton is a great example of this. Even her simplest image is complete with details that help her look her best. Kate always has the perfect handbag. Most often it is a miniature clutch bag, but it happens that she also has a classic accessory in her hands, which can hold much more things than a lipstick and a mirror. And with her delicate taste, Kate always selects a great handbag for every occasion. The Duchess’ accessory collection is quite impressive.

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Being the wife of a prince is a responsible mission. After all, wherever Kate appears, she is constantly watched. She is an important member of the royal family. She has to conform: follow the dress code, maintain a whole army of stylists who always help her choose an outfit that fits the occasion. But also – to dress to please Her Majesty Elizabeth II. Even within such a rigid framework, Kate manages to dress to look stunning.

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