How to choose the perfect suit?

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A well-tailored suit is the calling card of every gentleman. The perfect suit should, above all, be tailored to your figure. It is worth going to a suit store, where you will be given professional help in choosing the right suit


A classic suit is primarily a jacket and pants made of the same fabric. There are also three-piece suits where the vest is added to the jacket and pants set. This is a more formal option that is great for special occasions. Two-piece suits, on the other hand, are comfortable and versatile. Jacket and pants can be worn together – with or without a shirt and tie – during social gatherings and parties

Quality counts – pay attention to the seams

Remember that quality means attention to detail. In good suits, the inside and outside seams are sewn with even, uniform stitches. In the best products, absolutely all details are sewn by hand.


The suit should perfectly fit your figure. If the jacket is too small for you, ugly folds will form on the back and the shoulder pads will look bloated. On the other hand, you should not allow yourself to buy a jacket that is too loose and looks like a sack. Choosing the right size is an extremely important aspect when buying a suit.


The ideal suit fabric is wool – 100 percent wool or mixed with cotton, silk and linen. A suit made of synthetics quickly starts to crease, does not allow the skin to breathe and looks cheap. It is because of choosing the wrong suit that many men find the garment uncomfortable and stuffy

What color suit?

Classic suit colors are shades of blue and gray. The cold shades are slimming and suit any type of beauty. It is easy to choose a blue or lilac colored shirt for them. A black suit is suitable for a wedding, funeral or any other formal event. The most important thing to remember when choosing a suit is that it fits your figure perfectly

How to wear the suit?

The perfect suit should not only accentuate your figure, but also be extremely comfortable

Regardless of which suit you choose, it is very important to choose accessories. The shirt, tie, belt, shoes and bag should match the color of the suit. Also remember that silk and linen suits should not be worn in winter. So be careful when choosing colors. The more formal the environment, the color scheme should be darker and the design should be unobtrusive. Suits in gray shades will work great for everyday wear. Dark blue and dark gray colors are considered universal and will suit any occasion. We hope that thanks to our tips you already know how to choose the perfect suit. It is an investment that lasts for years, so make sure you choose a high quality jacket and pants with matching color accessories

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