The eternal dilemma: fly or tie?

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Both elements of men’s clothing are considered to be elegant. The fashionable gentleman must opt for either a bow tie or a tie when he wants to be properly prepared for a special occasion. Each option presents a slightly different kind of elegance. Which suit accessory to choose in order to look appropriate for the occasion?

The return of the bow tie

The reappearance of the bow tie in certain styles, such as wedding attire, is a fairly recent phenomenon. Its comeback is only a few years old. The tie still has the upper hand and is still the preferred choice.

What are the reasons for choosing a tie over a bow tie?

A tie is easier to match with different types of elegant clothing. It doesn’t really matter what type of suit you want to match it with

The bow tie is not for everyone

A characteristic feature of the bow tie is that it widens the face visually, so not everyone should wear it. People who are slightly fatter should be especially careful. If they already choose this solution, the fly should be as large as possible and worn with a wide collar.

When to wear a tie?

There are times when opting for a tie or a fly can be interchangeable. Any choice will do as long as you take care of the details. Occasions where it’s definitely a good idea to wear a tie? Here are a few of them:

  • dating – certainly a tie will not be the right choice for a first casual meeting over coffee or a stroll, but it works well when the situation is ripe for taking your chosen one to the theater or opera, or if the dinner is an anniversary or takes place in luxurious circumstances. Then, a well-chosen tie with a suit will be an element that emphasizes masculinity and status, which is what it’s all about;
  • business meetings: Here, too, it’s important to recognize the dress code, because not every business meeting has to be held in an elegant outfit;
  • a party of an informal nature – a tie can be matched with a suit of different colors and designs, hence it can be easily matched for a less formal party or an evening dinner

What tie patterns to choose?

The popularity of this accessory makes the market offer a very large variety of products from which to choose. How to do it with good taste?

Evergreens among ties

Elegant ties are usually characterized by a subdued, almost invisible pattern and good material. Elegance is also created by accentuating the contrast between the color of the tie and the color of the shirt – a plain red model helps here. It is always chic to combine a classic white shirt with a black, burgundy or navy blue tie

Ties for less formal occasions

A tie is so versatile that it can be matched with an outfit according to different keys. You can choose special occasion (e.g. Christmas) or hobby (e.g. with a subtle motif from your favorite movie series) ties. A slim herringbone is a popular choice for slim-fit suits

When to wear a bow tie?

The bow tie goes particularly well with very elegant occasions and stylish outfits. Some of these include a retro element. Wear it with:

  • a vest,
  • a tuxedo,
  • tailcoat,
  • suspenders,
  • an elegant pillowcase (matched with the color).

What kind of bow ties to choose?

Most often, with a vest or suspenders and a pillowcase, it is advised to choose a patterned fly, which will be a proof of good taste. This way you will also manifest your own sense of style and follow the fashion. Tailcoats and tuxedos love elegance, and you should wear a bow tie with them. For formal meetings, choose only two colored accessories:

  • a white cotton fabric fly is worn with a tailcoat,
  • a black bow tie should be matched with a tuxedo – it must have a shade and sheen to match.

Everyday styling does not create such restrictions. So you can bet on a pea pattern, stripes or an interesting print, but keeping the seriousness and good taste. A popular choice is also a maroon bow tie.

Photo: Laura Garcia/Pexels

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