Luxury vacations in Santorini – what is worth seeing?

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Santorini for more than half a century is one of the most popular and prestigious resorts of the Mediterranean. What so captivates this tourist pearl and national pride of all Greeks? Read on!

Corfu, Crete, Kos… but first Santorini. Greece has something to boast of, after all, is the cradle of European culture!

Spectacular sunset in Oia

The main reason why hundreds of tourists come to Santorini, is a beautiful sunset. It was here in the late 90s that a BBC crew came to capture the symbol of the passing century.

When the long-awaited moment approaches, almost the entire island is drawn to Oia, tourists take comfortable seats in advance on the ruins of the castle, on balconies of hotels and restaurants. And then they just wait for the “spectacle”.Sunset on Santorini is a kind of spectacle – come and see for yourself!

Picturesque beaches

On Santorini beaches are shimmering with black, brown and white. This is due to the volcanic origin of the island. The most popular are the two black beaches in the southeastern part of the island, known as Perissa and Kamari. These are the longest and widest beaches in the region with plenty of hotels.

However, they are not the biggest attraction of the island. Near Akrotiri is one of the most picturesque beaches of Santorini – the Red beach. In addition to the unusual color of the sand, this place is distinguished by an incredible landscape. Fiery red rocks and turquoise water create a stunning contrast. In addition, strong wind blows red dust off the rocks, coloring the entire beach red. Nothing, just take your camera and take pictures!

Fira and surrounding villages

Fira, the capital of Santorini, is located on a high cliff. In the town there is a lot to look at. There are winding streets and alleys full of stairs, Cycladic domed roofs of churches, sun bathed verandas and houses, deep blue sea and a volcano that once spread terror.

Fira is the place from which the island is often discovered. Take a walk along the caldera towards Oia. Along the way you will pass Firostefani and Imerovigli, which are also worth your attention. The picturesque village of Imerovigli was once hit hard by the earthquake, but still attracts tourists with its incredible views and nightlife.

At the tip of the caldera, on the northern part of the island is the already mentioned Oia, famous for its white houses with blue shutters and romantic atmosphere.

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Ruins of Akrotiri

The ruins of the Minoan city were discovered in 1866, but excavations began only 100 years later. At the present time exposed about 40 houses, or about 30 percent of the total area.

All the architecture and artifacts found indicate that Akrotiri was a rich trading settlement. Three-story buildings and narrow stone streets formed quarters with interior courtyards. Each house had a toilet and two pipes through which hot and cold water was supplied. The city was highly developed for its time.

Many exhibits found in Akrotiri gathered in the Museum of Prehistoric Thiry, located in the island’s capital.

Santorini – weather

The best time to travel to Santorini is from May to November. During these months it is warm and it does not rain much. If the purpose of your trip is to relax on the beach and have fun at night, come in the period from June to September. If you’re more interested in the sights, let go of the hottest months, July and August.

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