Hotel Jakarta – the greenest hotel in Europe!

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Luxury, comfort and prestige can go hand in hand with nature. A hotel has been built in Amsterdam that meets all these requirements.

Hotel Jakarta in Amsterdam is entirely ecological. The building is based on a natural, wooden structure, uses modern energy technologies, creates a guest-friendly acoustic experience and has an indoor Indonesian garden. The project was designed from the beginning to be ecological and luxurious, so it is no wonder that it has won many prestigious awards for design and sustainable construction. According to the investor’s vision, the hotel was not only to be ecological but also to interact with its guests in a natural way. Therefore, in the area of the hotel’s restaurant and café, a suspended knobby ceiling was installed to serve ear-friendly acoustics.

Green solutions in a Dutch hotel

An important element of the hotel is the huge Indonesian indoor garden. The patio is filled with plants brought from all over Asia, such as banana, ginger, turmeric and 10-meter-tall palm trees. The hotel generates great savings in lighting and energy use. Most of the building is filled with natural light coming in through glass facades. Also, several of the 200 rooms and suites are in the fully glassed-in portion of the hotel, allowing for views of the nearby harbor. Representatives of the hotel boasted ise even data that shows how the building has a positive impact on the environment.

  • Projected water consumption: 48 m3 per person per year
  • Expected % of water withdrawn from rainfall: 1,6%
  • Expected energy consumption: 147 kWh / m² BVO per year
  • Expected fuel consumption: gas 53 kWh / m² BVO per year and electricity at 94 kWh / m² BVO per year

Photo: Jakarta Hotel

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