Ozone sauna for hair – how does it work?

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What else can you do for the health of your hair besides daily care? The ozone sauna is for people who like modern solutions and are not afraid to indulge in them. How does ozone work on hair and what can it achieve? Here are some tips

How does ozone work on hair?

It turns out that it can have a very positive effect, which is due to its more general properties. Ozone has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Above all, it is appreciated for its ability to fight pathogenic microorganisms – they do not show resistance to ozone treatment. It is also a strong oxidizing agent. In case of hair itself, its positive influence on hair roots and growth is appreciated. It is also stressed that ozone therapy helps with the problem of static hair

Who should use an ozone sauna?

The ozone sauna works by making it easier for the nutrients to reach the different parts of the hair. It is therefore naturally suitable for all people who have damaged hair that requires thorough regeneration. Such a need may be caused by hair coloring or hairdressing treatments that require the use of high temperatures. Ozone sauna treatment can help protect weakened hair from damaging factors in the form of wind, frost or pollution. It is also intended for those who struggle with hair loss. Additionally, it has a very beneficial effect on the complexion. Depending on the version of the device, it uses steam or mist created by heating distilled water

How does an ozone sauna work?

The main issue with this treatment will be the choice of an ozone sauna device. It looks similar to a hairdryer – it has the shape of a dome. Its functioning is sometimes compared to SPA. The heat expands the hair cuticles. Ozone penetrates them along with nutrients. It not only dries the hair, but also disinfects it from the inside. It has an anti-seborrhoeic and antibacterial effect and helps to fight dandruff.

How is the hair prepared before the treatment?

The treatment itself will be effective only when the hairdresser prepares the client properly. First of all, the hair is thoroughly washed, which is usually done twice. Then a special dermotrychological preparation is applied, which is chosen according to the client’s needs

How long does the treatment last?

A single session of ozone hair treatment takes about 20 minutes. During this time the hair is fixed and subjected to the action of warm water vapour (distilled water), which allows the nutrients to penetrate deep into the hair and has a purifying effect

What are the results of an ozone treatment?

After a treatment lasting from 15 to 20 minutes the hair is strongly and deeply regenerated. It is important to prepare the hair properly in order to achieve this effect. In addition, the hair is moisturized, which helps to deal with brittleness. They are also characterized by softness and shine.

How long-lasting are the results achieved with an ozone sauna?

Even a single use of the ozone hair sauna allows you to see the beneficial effects of this treatment. Usually, the effects last from 7 to even 10 days. This depends, among other things, on the frequency of washes – with each additional wash the effect will be less visible. If you need a thorough hair regeneration, the ozone sauna should be used several times – preferably at weekly intervals. This will allow you to get rid of the effects of neglecting your hair in a permanent way

How much does it cost to use an ozone sauna?

This treatment is not very expensive and the prices are not prohibitive. For one session you will pay several dozen PLN depending on the salon you choose. For a few hundred zlotys you can buy a device for such treatments. With repeated use it can be a very cost effective option.

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