Luxury Christmas gifts – what will bring joy to your loved ones?

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What to buy for your loved one for Christmas with more money? It turns out that every year we get more and more generous with our Christmas gift-giving

Christmas in exclusive style

Poles are willing to spend more and more money on Christmas presents. This does not mean, however, that the standard is giving exclusive gifts for thousands of zlotys

How much do we spend?

According to 2019 data (Deloitte report), the statistical Polish family was willing to spend PLN 1521 on Christmas gifts, which is 5% more than the year before. This was more than the average for all surveyed countries (3.3%)

How do we buy gifts?

Gifts are most often bought between December 1st and 15th (38%). Fewer and fewer people go shopping in stationary stores. 28% of shoppers chose online stores with stationary branches. The percentage of people shopping via e-commerce platforms is also growing.

Exclusive gifts – what is worth buying under Christmas tree?

Coffee maker covered with gold

White goods are not usually associated with a successful Christmas gift, even if it is a luxurious one. However, a coffee maker with gold plating is a completely different matter

Household articles of a well-known brand

A gift for a woman can also be one of the household items designed by a well-known brand. For example, the Gucci Décor collection. You can choose for example a tray, a cushion or an incense holder. Each time, it will be a stylish trinket from a luxury brand that fully deserves to be called a high-end gift

Top quality bedding

Bed linen can also be an exclusive product. There are many brands that specialize in sewing the highest quality bedding – such as Curt Bauer, Sanderson and Sylvie Thiriez. What are they made of? The most sought-after materials include satin, damask, percale or top-quality silk.

Engraved glasses with Swarovski crystals

Elegant glassware is always among the premium gifts that are perfect for Christmas presents. An additional advantage of such a gift is the possibility to personalize it. For gentlemen, whisky glasses can be the equivalent.

A designer watch

It is worth choosing models that delight with modern design. Its price does not always have to go hand in hand with the quality of materials it is made of, although rose gold is the leading material here. Modern technologies and unique design also count

Exclusive umbrella

It turns out that even an umbrella can be a small work of art. This is how the products of the Italian manufactory Pasotti are designed. Artfully decorated, with carved handles and made of the best materials can cost even one thousand zlotys. It is quite unusual but very chic Christmas gift


How to make the office elegant, worthy of a real businessman? An exclusive gift can be a tapestry coming from a traditional weaving workshop in France. They are characterized by true craftsmanship and imperishable beauty. Unfortunately, tapestries belong to the group of very exclusive gifts – for the cheapest one you have to pay about 3 thousand zlotys, but there are also copies many times more expensive.

Cashmere scarf

Made of the highest quality wool scarf, very pleasant to the touch, can be a great gift for any gentleman. For such a stylish gift you need to pay more than a thousand zlotys, but you can not deny its class. Ladies may be given a blanket made of the same material.

Photo: Bob Dmyt/Pixabay

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