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Why are the Seychelles such a popular vacation destination? This island nation in the Indian Ocean allows you to enjoy the great weather in a very attractive environment with abundant wildlife. In spite of profiting from tourism, the local authorities take care to preserve the environment as untouched as possible. What is worth seeing in Seychelles?

What is worth knowing about Seychelles?

Before we focus on individual attractions, it is worth noting that this paradise archipelago in the Indian Ocean consists of 115 islands of varying nature. They lie about 1600 km off the African coast and are inhabited by almost 94 thousand people. The capital, Victoria, is home to 21.7 thousand inhabitants. Of all the islands in the archipelago, only 33 are inhabited, while the largest is barely 142 square kilometers

When to vacation in the Seychelles?

One of the essential ingredients of a Seychelles vacation is always perfect weather. When is it a good time to go to these islands? Although the weather is always warm and the temperature fluctuations are insignificant, the rainy season can be a problem. So it is best to go on vacation between April and June. What to visit?

The capital city: Victoria

The capital city of Victoria was hit by the tsunami in 2004. Not far away is the Mahe Airport. Tourists can see, among other things, a botanical garden dating back to 1901, but also learn about the history of Seychelles thanks to the offer of galleries, especially the National Museum and the Historical Museum. The National Library is also located there.

Fish market and local architecture

While in the capital, it is worth getting to know better the rhythm of life of its inhabitants. A walk to the fish market is a good opportunity – after all, many people there make a living not only from tourism but also from fishing. You can also admire the remains of colonial architecture. It is characteristic to adapt it to local conditions.

Mahe Island and the intimate islands of the Seychelles

Mahe is the most crowded island of the archipelago with an airport and the highest elevation of 905 meters above sea level. We’re specifically talking about the islands of Silhouette and La Digue, where you can escape the tourist crowds and nightlife

A wealth of flora and fauna

The Seychelles is all about the richness of the flora and fauna, which manifests itself both underwater, where you can admire the coral reefs, and on the surface. It is especially worth visiting there in April, when the breeding season of birds. In the waters there are more than 900 species of fish, of which a huge number inhabit coral reefs. The Seychelles are also home to the giant tortoise, which can reach up to 250 kg in weight

The local flora is primarily a wealth of plants growing in the tropical forests that cover about 10% of the islands

Praslin National Park

On the island of Praslin is located the only national park. It covers 324 hectares of virgin equatorial forest and has been in continuous operation since 1979. This is where stands of a unique plant, which is the Seychelles lodophyte, are found. Very rare bird species also have their refuge – such as the fruit pigeon and the black parrot.


In Seychelles, you can find numerous beaches that are more or less frequented. One beach on the island of La Digue has been hailed as the world’s most photographed beach. Most photo stories advertising the island also include a picture of Anse Source D’argen

Plantations in Seychelles

Being on paradise islands, we can see how at least a few well-known plants are grown in natural conditions. Coffee, tea, vanilla and coconut palm are all grown in the Seychelles

Cuisine in the Seychelles

The Creole cuisine in Seychelles can also be what attracts you. It is not hard to guess that its basis is fish and seafood. An example of a typical dish is tuna steak in Creole sauce. Also popular are fish baked in banana leaves and shrimp in coconut milk. A real feast for gourmet regional cuisines!

Photo by Holger Wulschlaeger/Pexels

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