Meet the world’s most expensive desserts

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For those who are bored with the usual Italian ice cream in a wafer or apple pie, we present the world’s most expensive desserts. Check which desserts are the most expensive and why you should try them.

Krispy Kreme’s Luxe Donut – the world’s most expensive donut

For donut lovers, such a dessert is sure to be a wonderful delicacy. This luxurious dessert is also jellied with the prestigious 2002 Dom Perignon champagne. A bottle of this liquor costs about 750 zł. The whole is sprinkled with gold, edible diamonds and flakes of 24-carat gold. The doughnut is served with a topping consisting of edible gold. Of course, the cake is placed on a striking gold tray and decorated with an edible chocolate flower. This luxurious donut can be enjoyed at Selfridges Department Store confectionery in the United Kingdom. The price of the prestigious donut is $1,682.

Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream – sweet refreshment for $1000

The dessert is ordered by 50 people a year, which may be a bit surprising until you know its price – a cup of Tahitian Vanilla ice cream costs $1000 and is available in a confectionery in New York. As befits a truly luxurious dessert, the ice cream is covered in 23-carat edible gold. In addition to the ice cream itself, the goblet contains pieces of Venezuelan Chuao chocolate with a large amount of cocoa beans. To decorate the dessert, gold-coated almonds, candied fruit straight from Paris and sweet Grand Passion caviar with passion fruit, orange and Armagnac are added.

Arnaud strawberries – perfect for an engagement

If you are a fan of strawberries, this dessert may intrigue you – Arnaud strawberries are among the most expensive fruits in the world. The main decoration of the dessert is a ring with a nearly 5-carat diamond, made of the most expensive materials. If you are planning to get engaged, such a dessert would be a great way to have a special evening with your beloved. The only problem might be the price – the dessert with strawberries along with a jewelry insert costs as much as $1.4 million.

Decadence D’Or cupcakes – the most expensive cupcakes in Las Vegas

Decadence D’Or cupcake is made of Palmira Single Estate chocolate, which comes from very rare and extremely delicate in taste cocoa beans of Porcelana Criollo variety. They come from the Valrhona plantation in Venezuela. The cupcake is served on a gilded mini platter, covered with a very unique and at the same time elegant decoration with a hundred-year-old cognac inside. Additionally, the cupcake is sprinkled with sweet vanilla caviar from Tahiti and edible gold flakes. The price of the dessert is $750.

Chocolate ice cream dessert with a jewelry insert

This is one of the few desserts that is served so that the customer can leave a souvenir after eating this very expensive dessert. The ice cream is served in a Baccard Harcout crystal goblet plated in 18K gold with a diamond bracelet attached to the foot. A $14,000 gold encrusted spoon is also served to eat the dessert. Both the bracelet and the spoon can be kept by the customer. The dessert itself is also extremely interesting – the ice cream is made with Seredipity chocolate, containing 14 of the rarest types of cocoa beans from Africa and South America, as well as chips made from La Madeline au Trufla truffles – costing $5,000 per kilogram. The whole set costs $25,000.

Faberge chocolate pudding – the most expensive pudding in the world

This pudding costs as much as $34,500 and you can eat it in England. What is so special about it? The dessert could not lack edible gold, as well as four of the best Belgian chocolates spiced with oranges, peaches and whisky. The champagne caviar decoration also adds to the price of this unusual pudding. The whole thing is decorated with a two-carat diamond, which you can keep after eating the pudding

Macaroons by Pierre Hermé – the Picasso of confectionery

These famous macarons are made by the renowned pastry chef Pierre Hermé, who has been dubbed the “Picasso of pastry” by Vogue magazine. The delicate, almond-shaped cookies are composed of many delightful flavors – balsamic vinegar or red grapes. In his creations, Hermé looks for interesting flavors and unusual combinations that produce very surprising taste sensations. Macarons made by the master of Parisian confectionery himself can not be cheap – for a serving we will come to pay $7000.

Main photo: Diana Polekhina/Unsplash

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