Classic shoes for lovers of elegance

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If you value elegance and are wondering what classic shoes will suit you best, see our suggestions.

Men ‘s shoes can define an entire outfit. Classic shoes can give your outfit seriousness and elegance. The choice of shoe models for men is really large.

What color should I choose?

The most common color of classic shoes for men is black. This is a shade that never goes out of fashion and is the most versatile. Black shoes can be combined with suits of different colors – gray, graphite or black. Another very classic color among men’s shoes is brown. The dark shade is very versatile and will certainly add elegance to the styling.

Classic shoes’ material

This is probably the most important issue when it comes to choosing men’s shoes. Number one are certainly shoes made of natural leather. Deciding on such material, you can be sure that the shoes will accompany you for years. Leather shoes are comfortable and air permeable, so they provide maximum comfort when wearing them.

Another material worth paying attention to is suede. It is extremely popular and, above all, timeless. Shoes made of suede certainly belong to classics and will appeal to lovers of elegance.

An alternative to natural leather is ecological leather. It is, above all, cheaper than the natural one, and modern possibilities make it not different in appearance. However, it is important to remember that organic leather is not as breathable.

The cut matters

The least formal of the classic men’s shoes are moccasins. They are an essential part of every elegant man’s closet, especially for the spring/summer season. Thanks to the unique shape of the upper, good air circulation is ensured inside the shoes and if they are made of leather, you can be sure of comfort. The choice of moccasins is really big. Depending on your taste, you can opt for ones made of suede or patent leather. Informal character of moccasins means you don’t have to limit yourself to black and brown. More and more popular are moccasins in bolder colors, such as navy blue or green.

Another classic and elegant shoes that will work for many occasions are oxfords. They are one of the most frequently chosen elegant leather shoes by men. They fit mainly to stylizations with a higher degree of formality. Oxford shoes are ideal for a suit, whether it’s a two-piece or a three-piece. The most popular are black and brown leather oxfords.

For bad weather, ankle boots will be ideal. They are inspired by the art of equestrianism, so at first glance they are associated with a noble heritage. The most popular are two types of slippers: zipped and tied. It is assumed, however, that the tied ones are more formal. Elegant ankle boots will look good with both a coat and a jacket.

For winter

Lower temperatures don’t mean you can’t look elegant. Classic winter boots are characterized by a slightly higher upper and, usually, a rubber sole. The degree of formality depends among other things on the color, the amount of decoration and the type of leather.

Sporty elegance

Classic elegant shoes made of suede or grain leather in lighter shades of brown will go well with informal outfits. If you think about reaching for sports shoes for running, skip them. Replace them with more stylish ones, such as moccasins.

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