How do the biggest celebrities take care of their figure?

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Stars of the screen and stage attract the attention of fans not only with their talents, but also with their beauty and impeccable figure. Many famous women have their own proven ways to maintain a slim figure. In this article we will discuss what methods the biggest celebrities use.


Madonna’s figure is the envy of many women for good reason. The singer boasts a slim and athletic body that is impressive, and she is already in her 60s. In order to maintain her figure, Madonna exercises as much as 5 hours every day. Her favorite type of activity is Pilates. Moreover, the singer tries to eat a macrobiotic diet. It is a low-protein diet, which involves eating large amounts of whole grains, local seasonal products, fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish.

Nicole Kidman

The Australian actress is known for her love of healthy food. Her menu includes only organic products that have not been chemically treated or exposed to harmful pesticides. The actress most often reaches for vegetables, meat and fish. In addition, Nicole Kidman exercises a minimum of one hour every day.


Beyonce has been impressing with her feminine and sexy figure since the beginning of her career. The artist follows a balanced diet and trains regularly. After giving birth to twins Beyonce struggled with excess weight, which she managed to lose thanks to the Greenpoint diet. The Greenpoint program lasts 22 days, and its main idea is to eat only fruits and vegetables. Criticized by doctors, however, the diet helped Beyonce get back to her weight.

Jennifer Aniston

The ideal figure of Jennifer Aniston is not due to genes, but hard work and sacrifices. The American actress makes sure to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Boxing training and yoga give her the necessary exercise. Jennifer Aniston exercises at least one hour a day. Her diet is that 90% of the meals she eats consist of low-calorie ingredients and the remaining 10% consists of sugary snacks.

Penelope Cruz

The actress follows the NutriFit diet. According to its guidelines, half of the meal should be carbohydrates, 25% protein and 25% fats. Penelope Cruz regularly does exercises in the gym. These are workouts that develop strength, endurance and stretching exercises. In addition, the actress loves dancing, which helps her maintain an impeccable figure.


The Colombian singer has a slim but not skinny figure. Shakira is supported by a personal trainer. She trains five times a week. These are mainly strength training and cardio workouts. Additionally she burns calories during her concerts and preparations before them. In order to maintain a beautiful figure during and after pregnancy she trained in Zumba, which is a combination of dance and exercises known from fitness halls. Shakira also cares about a healthy diet. Her menu is dominated by cereal meals, soups, fruits and vegetables.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek approaches diet and workouts with reason. She tries to eat and exercise in a way that makes her happy. Her diet is rich in vegetables, fruits and meat. She does not follow a restrictive diet because she loves food. In moments when she feels like eating stress, she reaches for juices, which provide the necessary dose of energy. The actress exercises when she has time and feels like it. The only kind of physical activity she likes is relaxing yoga.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez tries to lead a balanced lifestyle. Her diet is based on using organic foods. In addition, Jennifer does not drink alcohol or coffee and tries to avoid eating fast food. Her snacks between meals are mainly vegetables and fruits that come from organic farming. The artist does not use murderous workouts, but exercises regularly every other day. Only after pregnancy Jennifer Lopez followed a diet and worked out every day to quickly lose weight.

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