Smartwatch – what to look for when buying?

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Smartwatch is a very popular gadget nowadays, without which many people can’t imagine their daily functioning. To choose the right smartwatch, you need to check its specifications and make sure that you can pair it with your phone.

What features should a smartwatch have?

It is very important to choose the type of smartwatch. They can be divided into classic ones with a touch screen and hybrids. The latter seemingly resemble classic watches with a dial, but have a screen that can show our messages and information about an incoming call. However, they do not have touch screens and all functions can be selected with buttons. This is an ideal option for people who like classics and are not yet convinced to modern solutions. These models are also more durable – some can last on a single battery even a few months.

Smartwatches, however, are much more functional. With their help you can read e-mails, text messages, and even watch movies or listen to music. Thanks to pairing with our phone they can send to it data about the number of steps, calories burnt or the average pulse. In the case of smartwatches it is their functionality and modern design that counts. Smart watches can do much more than their hybrid counterparts.

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What kind of case

When choosing a smartwatch, its casing matters a lot. We can choose between lighter watches made of plastic and those made of metal, such as aluminum. They are much more durable, but also heavier. Active people who use smartwatches for sports rather choose those with plastic casing because of their lightness. When choosing a model, you should also pay attention to whether the screen does not stick out too much beyond the case, because then it can get damaged faster.

Pay attention to the strap

The strap is also important in a smartwatch model. It is interchangeable, but for our first smartwatch it is worth choosing one that combines lightness and durability. A good choice, especially for active people, will be a plastic strap. It has a low weight and high durability. It is also much easier to clean and waterproof. In case of more elegant models, which will be worn to office stylizations, a metal bracelet will be a good choice. However, you should check if the metal is made of a stainless alloy, so that it will be more resistant to moisture. The bracelet should fit well on the wrist or have a suitable buckle to change the length of the strap. Many people also opt for a leather strap. It is much more comfortable than a metal bracelet because it fits the hand better and does not cause skin irritation.

If you want to have one smartwatch for many years, it is worth choosing a model where it will be possible to replace the strap when it breaks.

Smartwatch for active people

For active people, water resistance is also very important, which can range from 3 ATM to 30 ATM, where 3 ATM means that the watch is resistant to getting slightly wet, e.g. while washing hands, and 30 ATM means that we can dive with it with a bottle, even up to several dozen meters deep. If we want the smartwatch to be able to swim with us, we should choose a model above 10 ATM. For workouts, a smartwatch that has the WR50 designation will work well.

With smartwatches it is necessary to use bluetooth to connect to the phone. It will provide us with full functionality – the watch will tell us when a text message will come to us or we will have a waiting call. For active people pedometer will be extremely important, but also a heart rate monitor and a stopwatch. Modern smartwatches also have a 3G modem.

Smartwatches should also have the ability to remotely start the camera, which will be very helpful e.g. when taking a selfie. An interesting feature is also the option to search for the phone.

Since a smartwatch is a device which is supposed to serve us for a long time, it is worth choosing a model which will have many useful functions. Looking for the cheapest replacements is not a good solution.

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